Sunday, April 22, 2018

Heather Ross Mini Quilt Swap

I have really limited my mini quilt swapping this year so it can focus more on my UFOs.  So far I have only signed up for two swaps, a Heather Ross swap and the May the 4th Swap. 

This was the finished mini I sent my partner for the HR swap.

For the this swap you had to use mostly Heather Ross fabrics.  I had seen some awesome HR fabric collections on Instagram and admired them, but I only had a couple of pieces from a few of her lines. I jumped in anyway hoping my partner would still love a mini full of kitties and luckily she did.

I fussy cute each hexagon and then added inner triangles so I was able to sew the hexagons together in rows without any Y seams. This method allowed me to sew the top together quickly and easily.

I used the kitties from the Tiger Lily line and some of the fish from the Mendocino line.

Then I saw this pin cushion caddy on Instagram and knew the sides would be perfect for fussy cutting some mermaids. 

This swap required at least three extras along with the mini.  I love getting extras myself so I was happy to add extras. First I made the caddy and purchased several notions to go inside. 

 I also made a cute ear bud pouch from this cute bee fabric,  also from the Tiger Lily line. I nabbed the photo of the pouch from my partner since I forgot to get a photo of it myself.  She did a great job with pictures. 

My partner loved it and I got a pretty spiffy package in return from my other partner.  Lots of hexies and lots of different prints along with some great extras.  I am in love.

Another great swap.  Now on to finish the Star Wars mini and get it shipped out in time for May the 4th.


Friday, April 6, 2018

Tacked Up - 30 Blocks 30 Days

Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks is hosting 30 days of simple quilt blocks.
Each day in April she is showcasing a new block with directions and pattern ideas.  
Today I get to help showcase block #6  Tacked Up.  

I am ready for Spring so I decided to use some lovely spring fabric.  I used a bright pink in place of the white in the original block and a bright yellow to replace the gray.  I also changed the corners a bit by alternating two different fabric instead of using just one. It has given the block a whole new look with just changing color placement.

When you put several blocks together your eyes are drawn to the zig zags pink rows and the yellow butterfly squares pop off the quilt. While the alternating corners subtlety create 4 patch blocks  throughout the quilt.

I did a 4 x 5 quilt block layout to create a little larger rectangular quilt.  

I also used the cute butterfly fabric as part of the backing and binding. This fabric that has been sitting on my shelf for way too many years.  It has finally had it's day in the sun, literally and figuratively.  

Make sure to check back at Carla's blog everyday this month to see a new simple quilt block that can create a quick and lovely quilt. She is also creating a modern quilt using each each block. Can't wait to see her finished quilt!


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Project Quilting 9.5 "A Stitch in Time Saves 9"

I had a hard time with the theme this week.  I was going to do Dr. Who, but I already have two Tardis quilts and wanted something different.  My mind kept going back to cats and their 9 lives, but I didn't see how that would fit with the stitch in time part.  

Then I told myself, "If you don't hurry up and pick a pattern you will be up all night Saturday night trying to stitch way more than nine stitches..."  So I decided pattern choosing procrastination fit the theme and went with cats and their nine lives.    

I have been following the #candycatsqal on instagram hosted by @schnitzelandboo and even printed out the pattern to play along with the Quilt Along but still hadn't made any of my own kitties yet. The pattern is free from Unicorn Hearts and you can get it here: Candy Cats Pattern.

My plan for this week was to sew 9 Candy Cats at half the size and turn them into a mini quilt, but then I got sick, nothing bad, just a horrible cold which make me feel like doing nothing most nights other than vegging out in front of the TV.

Come Saturday I only had 2 cats done... What to do?  I really want to participate in all 6 challenges this year.  It will be my first year ever doing all 6.  So I decided to alter my plan and I turned those two mini kitties into  two 4 x 6 postcards ready for mailing.  

I got out my "Postcard Supplies" box, which hasn't been opened in years and pulled out what I needed.  The box has peltex, wonder under, and muslin backing all cut to size and ready go to.  Thank goodness for that.  I trimmed my kitties to size and turned them into postcards in plenty of time for me to hit the hay by 8pm.

I'm still feeling under the weather today, but am super happy I got my 9.5 project complete!

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Can't seem to have a photo shoot without one of the real kitties helping out. 


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Project Quilting 9.4 Mellow Yellow

The theme for week four of Project Quilting was "Mellow Yellow."  Not the soda, but the color.  We had to use Yellow as our main fabric for this project.

My quilt is titled "Yellow Bellied Birdies" and measures about 30 inch Square.
I decided to go smaller this week compared to last week as I had a busy week planned.  I managed to squeeze in a few nights of sewing this week and  it helped to have Monday off from work as well.

I actually have a lot of yellows in my stash and love using it in my quilts I just needed the perfect pattern to go with them. My first thought was stars since they are traditionally yellow so I went to my paper piecing board on Pinterest to find a good pattern I have saved and always wanted to make. As I was scrolling I saw this cute Bird pattern.

I couldn't find a link to it, just the image someone saved from someone else who saved it from someone else from an email...If that makes sense. 

I made one bird to test the pattern, then used the papers I tore out as templates to cut out all the background fabric pieces I needed for the rest of the 15 birds.

 The bird isn't too detailed and came together pretty quick. Particularly with chain piecing.

Once I had all the fabric cut to the right shapes it made paper piecing a 15 more blocks super quick.

Each block finished at 6 inches.

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Project Quilting 9.3 Bold and Brave

Quilt Measures 60 x 60 inches.

This project had me stumped as to what to make.  So I recruited the help of my kids.  I asked, "If you were looking at a quilt that was bold and brave, what would it look like?"

My oldest son said, 
"Maybe it could be like a shield quilt,
Or a lion,
Or maybe a superhero,
Or maybe a superhero football king in space!"

So I asked, "How about a Super hero football king in space with a pet lion?" 

My son agreed, but my mind was remembering the Geometric Lion pattern from Violet Craft.  I showed him a picture of it and he said, "That would be cool. Do you think you can do that in a week? It's just triangle things..."  

That was Monday afternoon.  So I bought the pattern online to check it out.  Later that evening after work I cut out all the pattern pieces, 126 of them, and was about to go with something else when my Hubby and my other son walked in the sewing room. They saw me staring at the pattern and all the pieces and both confidently said, "You can do that in a week." So I did.

I sewed about 4 to 5 hours every night and all day Saturday to finish him.

I took pictures of my progress each night before I hit the hay.





Friday - The goal was to gave the whole top finished by Friday. Didn't quite make it, but got pretty close. 

Saturday - I took my cat the vet in the morning and after that I sewed the whole day to finish this guy.

Sunday, I put the last binding stitch in at 12:02 am, so technically he was finished on Suday.

It was over cast this morning and about to rain. But I was able to get a picture of him outside before heading to church.

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Project Quilting 9.2 - Triangulation

The theme for week two of Project Quilting season 9 was "Triangulation".  We had to use mostly triangles in our creation this week.  I love triangle quits!  I even have a "Triangle Quilts" board on Pinterest.  So the real challenge this week was choosing a pattern I wanted to make.

 I finally settled on the Morning star block.
Each block has 36 triangles in it for a total of 324 triangles.
This version measures 36.5 in Square.

I have made a similar quilt before.  A smaller 24 inch version for a mini quilt swap in 2016.  

I loved it so much It was hard to part with so I told myself I would make one for myself one day.
Well that day came this week thanks to the help of Project Quilting.  
This time I changed the coloring up a bit.

 At first had yellow as the outer stars, but when I left the room and came back to look at it it didn't look right to me.  I changed that last outer row to purple and got a two thumbs up from the teenagers in my life so I went with the purple outer triangles.

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If you are interested, you can get the pattern in several different places

This one cost $, but she gives you templates and coloring sheets for several different size blocks.
This one is free but is only for a 12 inch block


You can use a kaleidoscope ruler that cuts triangles with  a 45 degree angle and cut out a bunch of triangles. That is what I did and I laid out my colors using EQ8.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Project Quilting 9.1 - Hometown Proud - Murrells Inlet, SC

The first theme for Project Quilting this year was Hometown Proud.
I first thought about doing my current hometown, we have a great art festival each year in April, called Artfileds and some great re-vitalization going on downtown, but I wasn't sure how to turn that into a quilt.

Then I thought about my hometown as a kid and where we spent a lot of time as a family and I realized I still spend a lot of time there as an adult with my own kids.  Then it hit me what to make.

I decided to make a quilt showcasing the Marsh from Murrells Inlet, SC.
I didn't actual live in Murrells Inlet, but I did live in Myrtle Beach which is right next door, and I have spent many Saturdays throughout my life in Murrells Inlet. 

I started by going through my batik scraps and pulling out my greens, blues, and browns.

Pieced them all together horizontally in different strip widths.

Trimmed them up.

Added a couple egrets, there are always white egrets at the marsh, and quilted it up.

The water at my marsh isn't this blue, but the grasses do get a nice bright green in the summer.

Go Here to vote for your favorites:
Project Quilting 9.1 Hometown Proud

Voting opens at 1pm EST

The quilt measures 40 x 20.

These next few pictures are what I used for inspiration.

One of my favorite places to be.  This is at the end of the Jetties at Huntington Beach state park.  Marsh on one side, ocean on the other.

The marsh grass is super green right after the rain.
There are always birds to be seen

This day I was lucky enough to see Roseate Spoonbills.
They only come for a short time to visit our area and then move on.

This was us,the canoe too, on Christmas Eve last year.
Collecting oysters, clams, and crabbing.  We tried fishing a little too, but no luck that day with fish.
The Marsh grass isn't as green in the winter, but its still just as muddy.



Saturday, January 6, 2018

Fancy Foxes 2.0

I finished my Fancy Fox Quilt in time to link up with the 4th Quarter Finish-A-Long for 2017.
You can see the link party here: 4th Quarter Link Up
Check out everyone's finishes for the last quarter:  

I had the top completed about a month ago and quilted and bound it last night.
This is my third and final finish for this Quarter and one of the best quarters I have had in a long time in regards to finishing old projects.  I usually work a little bit on some of them and don't finish any.  So I am super excited to finish three UFO's this time around.
You can see my original 4th Quarter UFO list here:  Ambitious 4th Quarter List

This quilt came about from a jelly roll I bought to make one quilt.  The Jelly roll actually had enough to make two quilts.  The first one was made in winter of 2015 and gifted to my friend. I cut out the pieces to make this second one at that time as well. This winter I finally finished my version.

Twin quilts in two different states.  Same fabrics, slightly different fox arrangement.
Like BFF charms.  :)