Sunday, February 11, 2018

Project Quilting 9.3 Bold and Brave

Quilt Measures 60 x 60 inches.

This project had me stumped as to what to make.  So I recruited the help of my kids.  I asked, "If you were looking at a quilt that was bold and brave, what would it look like?"

My oldest son said, 
"Maybe it could be like a shield quilt,
Or a lion,
Or maybe a superhero,
Or maybe a superhero football king in space!"

So I asked, "How about a Super hero football king in space with a pet lion?" 

My son agreed, but my mind was remembering the Geometric Lion pattern from Violet Craft.  I showed him a picture of it and he said, "That would be cool. Do you think you can do that in a week? It's just triangle things..."  

That was Monday afternoon.  So I bought the pattern online to check it out.  Later that evening after work I cut out all the pattern pieces, 126 of them, and was about to go with something else when my Hubby and my other son walked in the sewing room. They saw me staring at the pattern and all the pieces and both confidently said, "You can do that in a week." So I did.

I sewed about 4 to 5 hours every night and all day Saturday to finish him.

I took pictures of my progress each night before I hit the hay.





Friday - The goal was to gave the whole top finished by Friday. Didn't quite make it, but got pretty close. 

Saturday - I took my cat the vet in the morning and after that I sewed the whole day to finish this guy.

Sunday, I put the last binding stitch in at 12:02 am, so technically he was finished on Suday.

It was over cast this morning and about to rain. But I was able to get a picture of him outside before heading to church.

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  1. What an intense undertaking!! Well done!

  2. You did it! It's gorgeous! I really love the eyes.

  3. Superhero football king in space. Love it! Your quilt is beautiful. Every time I see this one I think my 7-year-old big cat loving son would adore it. Maybe I'll have to teach him to paper piece.

  4. This is so awesome! I'd love to make this pattern someday. Beautiful work and what dedication to one project!

  5. Whoa! Wow!~ I am amazed that you did it in just one week - this is fantastic, too. Look at those eyes - so compelling. I did laugh right out loud at your son's "It's just triangle things. . ." :D :D

  6. That is a whole lotta triangles! It looks so fabulous that I just want to roar!!

  7. I so want to try this one. You rocked it. What a fantastic quilt and your fabrics are perfect. Love the eyes...

  8. Your talent is beyond anything I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing your progress and talent.
    Very inspiring.