Thursday, September 22, 2016

Disney Mini Quilt Swap

 Next up in my mini swap calendar was the Disney Mini Quilt Swap.  For this one you told your partner some of your favorite Disney movies and they would take it from there.
My partner chose Beauty and the Beast.

I decided to do a Belle silhouette surrounded by roses.
I found this silhouette on the internet and increased it to the size I needed. 

 For the roses I used Rosie's Rose paper pieced pattern.
It took me about an hour to finish each rose, but it was well worth it!  I made 8 roses.

 I decided to go with a yellow silhouette to match Belle's dress in the movie.

And here she is all finished!  I love all those roses!
This one was hard to ship out, but it happily landed in its new home in Texas.  

This is the quilt I received. I picked Mary Poppins as one of my favorite Disney movies so my partner made this.  I like the idea, but I was disappointed that there was no quilting on it. I understand not everyone who plays along is at the same skill level as others, but I did expect a little quilting effort so I was a little dis heartened when they didn't even try to quilt it.
I also didn't know who it was from at first.  In this swap I didn't send to the same person who sent to me and there was no card in the box, no name on the quilt and the return address was not from anyone in the swap.  No one had even posted a photo of it on Instagram, which is mandatory for the swaps. After some investigating help from the swap mama, we finally found out who it was from and the person who made it had someone else mail it.

Stay tuned for more minis!


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fancy Friends Mini Quilt Swap

I love Elizabeth Hartman's animal patterns.  I made her Fancy Fox Quilt for a good friend of mine and even cut out some fabrics to make one for myself, so when a spot opened in the Fancy Friends Mini quilt swap I jumped right in.
One of the animals my partner said she liked was the fox, so I decided to shrink the pattern and make a bunch of mini foxes.  My first attempt above turned out a little wonky because I added the seam allowances in my math.  My second attempt below turned out perfect.

 Half size  ~  Wonky size.

 Then I decided to go even smaller. Don't you just love that tiny pink fox!

Working on a layout.  I ended up not using the four blue ones, they just didn't fit. 

Each fox got quilted in the ditch and 1/2 inch away.

In between the foxes I did some meandering swirls. 

It is the perfect size for a table topper.  It also makes a great bird bath cover.  ;)
These foxes made it all the way to Denmark!

This is the lovely I received in return! A very large Hazel Hedgehog.
She is fancy with her glasses and 3D butterflied!

Stay tuned for more Minis!


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Blue Berry Park Mini Swap

Fabric selection for my next swap was super easy!  We had to use the Blueberry Park line by Karen Lewis.  My partner mentioned she loved the Triple Goosed pattern by Jeli Quilts, so that is what the pattern I went with.

I bought the two charm packs, one cool and one warm and got enough colors to do a full rainbow of flying geese.

 Playing Around with the outer pieces.
The would look great in this layout as well!

It is always hard to pick a quilting design.  My mini sat just like this for a couple days while I deliberated.

 I ended up doing half feathers and wavy lines that followed the direction of the geese.
I even used my left over scraps to make a scrappy binding.

This one flew all the way to Maine to find its new home.

This is the mini I received.  I was not expecting something so fabulous!
She really did a fantastic job on this one. It is one of my favorites!

Stay tuned for more minis!


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rainbow Mini Swap - Round 2

The next swap I mailed out this year was my Rainbow Round 2 Mini.
I didn't participate in round one because it happened before I started swapping minis on Instagram.
But I was definitely happy to be a part of round 2.
I found a perfect quilt online, but was unable to find the actual pattern, so I recreated it in EQ7.
I was also able to make it the right size for the swap.

I pulled rainbow colors from my scrap bins and did some paper piecing to get my points perfect.

I was really excited how the colors were coming together and started sewing the rows together. When I got to the point pictured above I realized I forgot to add the white corners to each of the colored nine patches to give the quilt it's illusion of circles.

Instead of taking everything apart I decided to skip the white corner pieces and quilted it up the way it was.

The finished Rainbow mini.

And this is the mini I received from my partner.
A fun unique take on the theme.

Stay tuned for more minis.