Sunday, June 9, 2013

SFQ 2013 Guild Challenge

It was a great day at the guild challenge the other day.   I enjoyed looking at all the quilts and seeing how everyone interpreted the theme:  "America the Beautiful: Home Sweet Home".  I took pictures of every quilt, unfortunately some came out blurry. Below are some of the better photos. I meant to post these photos the other day, but I wanted to be able to write who won what with the pictures so I had to wait till I got part of the winners list.

3rd Place Best Piecing

Tied for 2nd place for Best Machine Quilting

2nd Place Best Use of Theme
3rd Place Most Unique Use of Theme

2nd Place Most Unique Use of Theme

3rd Place Best Machine Quilting

Tied for 2nd Place for Best Machine Quilting

This quilt won Best in Show.
1st place for Best Use of Theme
1st place for Most Unique use of Theme
1st Place Best Art Quilt
3rd Place for Applique

3rd Place Best Art Quilt

 2nd place for Piecing
2nd place for Best use of Color

My quilt won 1rst place for Machine Quilting
1rst place for Piecing
1rst Place for Best use of Color
3rd Place for Best use of Theme
(:   *YaY*  :)
(Ribbons were awarded at the end of the show, so I didn't have a chance to go around and get photos of all the other quilts with their ribbons.)

I think this one got third place for Hand quilting.

2nd place for Best Hand Quilting
2nd place for Best Art Quilt

1st Best Hand Quilting
1st Best Applique

Everyone did a great job. I loved seeing all the different interpretations.
These quilts will hang all summer at the Hartsville, SC Museum.
If you live near by, head on over to see them in person.
Quilts always look better in person.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

America the Beautiful On Display

Here she is... Miss America....  er I mean my America the Beautiful quilt.
It is officially on display at the Hartsville museum for the summer with all the other quilts from my guild,
with the theme "America the Beautiful: Home Sweet Home".
It measures approximately 70 x 47 inches.

To represent America I used several state themed quilt blocks:
Ohio Star, Carolina Lily, Kansas Star, Colorado Beauty, Texas Tears, Road to California, and Oregon Trail.  For the ocean, I used the Storm at Sea Block.  I made each block finish at 6 inches and shaped them to fit the different regions of America.  My two beach sections are crumb pieced with all the brown scraps I had on hand.

For reference, this is the original drawing I used to design the quilt.
The drawing has little houses scattered on it, but I opted to delete those for the final project.

For the past couple weeks I've been showing bits and pieces of the quilt before it was quilted.
Today I am going to show them again, but this time with with the quilting.
And with the lyrics to America the Beautiful, which was the inspiration for the quilt.

"Oh Beautiful for spacial skies...

For amber waves of grain...

For Purple mountains majesty...

Above the fruited plains....

America! America!

God Shed his grace on thee...

And Crown thy good with brotherhood...

From sea to shining sea!"

I am super excited about this quilt.  I love all the colors in it.

I enjoyed making all the different blocks and making them fit in their sections.
On the left in the above photo is the "Road to California" block.
This is the only block that didn't get a preview last week.

Since this post is already loaded with photos, I will save the photos of the other show quilts for tomorrow.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Colorado Beauty - America the Beautiful

Next to the Oregon Trail block is the Colorado Beauty.  The block above is the closest full block on the quilt, even though I did cut off the bottom of the block with my camera.
There is no sashing between these blocks like the Ohio Star and the Carolina lily, but I used consistent fabric to help this block stand out a little better than the Oregon Trail.

Only three more days till I can show off the whole quilt!!