Wednesday, February 29, 2012

7th Finish + More

I finished the Mariners compass last night.  This makes finish #7 for 2012.

 I was going to put it off finishing this indefinitely because I didn't like the top fabric I picked out and I hadn't decided on a way to fix it to my liking.  You can see what it use to look like on the left.  

Tomorrow is guild meeting and they asked everyone who took this class to bring their finished project to the next guild meeting for show and tell. Nothing like a little pressure to get my butt in gear. So I made myself come up with something I liked and appliqued it on, then I put on the binding.  I am liking it a whole lot better now.
I was going to paper peice a smaller star for the center, I even had the papers printed out, but I got lazy was just ready to be done with it, so I cut out a circle instead and sewed it down.

It's looking good now, I actually like it and will put it out on display.

Before I worked on the mariners compass yesterday. I whipped up these two small quilts.  These are the ones I am going to teach the girls with at church tonight.  I have been assigned the task of teaching them how to tie a quilt.  They are small, 24 x 36 ish and I will turn them into the guild for our charity project when we are finished.

This morning I needed some batting for the two tops above, so I basted two bigger quilts knowing I would have enough left over batting from that process for these two smaller quilts.  Funny how one project motivates me to work on another project.  While I was at it I basted my i.s.t.h. quilt too.
With these three basted that makes a total of 6 quilts ready for quilting.  I better get busy... but first a little housework is in order.  Yeah, I did sweep and vacuum the floor this morning so I could baste in a clean room and I got two loads of laundry done on Monday - which isn't much with a house of 6 people - but the rest of the house has been neglected the past couple days.  Though it pains me to step away from the sewing machine when I am in such a good grove, I better get some other stuff done.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

i.s.t.h. top done

After I got off the computer Sunday I picked out my fabrics for this top and got one star made.
Then Monday I spent all day finishing the rest of the top.  I ended up keeping the columns in, but I didn't make them scrappy.  I also added the side purple borders.  Mainly as a mental thing I have.  I felt like the checkerboard would fall out if it wasn't trapped in with a side border.

I am hoping I can get this quilted by March 1rst, but first I have to make two small tops for the girls at church tomorrow.  I have been asked to teach them how to tie quilts. Being the great procrastinator that I am, I still haven't even started those.  I better get sewing!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jewel Box Progress

Instead of picking out fabrics for my February Schnibbles project, I spent Saturday putting the blocks together for my Jewel Box Quilt.  Then I put them all on my "design wall" - a flannel table cloth that is tapped to the french doors in my living room - to make sure I don't end up sewing all the reds in the top left corner.  I am excited to sew them all together, but that will have to wait....

Before I do anything else, I need to pick out the fabrics for the i.s.t.h. pattern. March 1rst is soon aproaching and I haven't even started the February quilt for Another Year of Schnibbles. 
I think I keep delaying this process because the pattern isn't one of my favorite Schnibble patterns.
I like the star blocks and the checkerboard border, but I am not big on the column setting.
Perhaps I will take the columns out and see how that looks.  

Ok, I am off to my stash to pick out some fabrics.  No more computer till the task is done!


Friday, February 24, 2012

The Tiniest of Scraps

   Ok, I think I may have an addiction.  Usually I throw this stuff away, but last night I just couldn't bring myself to put it in the trash.  Sure I have been known to save some tiny stuff,  like pieces of fabric that are at least 1 inch, but these tiny strips are just too tiny. They just looked so pretty on my desk in a pile. I don't know what I'll do with them but but for now they look good in this jar.  If I keep making quilts and saving everything maybe one day I will be on an episode of hoarders with thousands of glass jars all over the house that are full of fabric trimmings.

   Last night I had planned on to start my February Scnhibble project, but I am stuck on what fabrics to use, so instead of  figuring that out I pulled out my Jewel Box project.  Last time I worked on it I had all the half square triangles sewn together and the first set of strips sewn together.  This time I trimmed all the HSTs to 4 inches and then sewed the second set of strips together and trimmed all those up. Now that everything is trimmed and the strips sewn and cut to size I can work on turning these into blocks.  I want to do that today, but I really need to get the February Schnibbles project started.  March 1rst is right around the corner!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lots of 4 Patches

Hot off the ironing board.  70 four patches.  They measure 8.5 inches.  There are enough for two quilts.  I want to make two similar to the one Crazy Mom Quilts made last fall.  The colors will be different of course, but the pattern will be the same.  Now I need to make 40 coordinating blocks to go with the 4 patches.

I have a huge pile of leftover 4.5 inch squares to choose centers for the alternate blocks, but I don't have any background fabric.  That means fabric shopping is in my immediate futre.   YAY!! I love the fabric store!

Once these two tops are put together I will only have one top left. My hubby's aunt said I could work on them whenever, but I have made a personal goal to get them all finished by the end of April and so far so good, they are going together according to schedule.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vote for Me...

Voting is now open for the Valentine Day Showcase.
I entered my Red String Table Runner.
Head on over to
Scroll down and check out all the great projects.
When you come to #34 that is mine.
If it is your favorite, click on the "Like" and I'd be ever so grateful.  :)


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Results of February FNSI

 I spent most of my Friday Night Sew In finishing up the top of my third Shirt Quilt.  
I cut and added all the sashing and border.  I can now add it to my "Ready for Quilting" pile.
Yay!! Only three more tops to make.

After that I fiddled around with some more smaller 9 patches before hitting the hay.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Spot is Finished

I finished the binding on my Spot quilt last night.  Just in time for Christmas... Hahaha

 I think I will keep it out and use it before Christmas, it feels sooo good.  It is so soft.  
I love this fabric and mixed with my favorite batting, Warm and White, it is the perfect combo.

 I used my walking foot for this entire quilt.  The quilt is so busy it didn't really need anything too fancy. 
It did take a bit of time to make sure the lines didn't stray though, but it was worth it!
I love the smooth straight line quilting.

I even got a label on this one.  Some how I miscounted when making my blocks and made an extra one.  So I saved it for my label.  Perhaps I should take the time to write on it.  ;)

The black Polk-a-dot binding makes a nice framed border.

This is personal finish #6 for the year.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Red String Runner

I found the tutorial for Red String Runner at Quilting by The River. I was drawn to it right away.  Perhaps because she made it in my favorite color.  Then when my Mom asked me to make something for her I decided to give this runner a try.
Look at that corner!  Could it get any perfect.  Just looking at it makes me smile.
I did have to get a refresher on how to bind the other odd angles and I found a good video for that here.

It is raining today, but I went on the porch and took pictures anyway.  It gave me a chance to fiddle around with the manual settings on my camera so I could capture the colors I wanted.

I really like this quilted runner.  When I showed it to my husband though he said it was too small and wanted to know why it wasn't big enough to lay under.   Then he proceeded to tell me how to make it better - Make it bigger, add more bright colors etc.  As if he quilts... 


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beach in Color

I sat down today and added color to my beach drawing.
This is what it looked like in Black and White back in October.

I also have my Pathway drawing complete.
I finished it in December and it has been sitting in my sketchbook.
Not sure if I will add color to this one.  I am liking it in black and white for now. 
I'll see how I feel about it again in a couple weeks.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lovely Red Work

I took a break from working on my own quilts to work on a guild mate's quilt.  She has made some wonderful Red Work blocks sashed with 2 inch squares and has asked me to quilt it.  She wanted me to quilt in the ditch around the red work and do something inside the sashing.  Later she will hand tack the large red work images herself in a matching thread.

 Here are some close ups a few of the Red Work blocks.

Now I need to work on some postcards that are long over due, then I can get back to my pile of newly basted quilts.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Basting and Binding

Today I decided I better baste more quilts because I finished quilting my Spot quilt the other day and that has left me with zero quilts in the "ready to be quilted" pile.  I like having a few quilts basted and ready to go so I rolled back the rug and got to work.  I was baby sitting today though so I had to baste during nap time and in the evening. Through out the day I got three quilt tops basted. 

This first one is the top I finished last November.
I basted it in the morning during the baby's morning nap.

This next one is a top I completed for the Le Petite project last year.
I basted it during the baby's afternoon nap.

 I had to wait till later in the evening to baste this third quilt.  I tried to do it after the baby woke up, but he wanted to crawl all over it so I had to wait till after his mom came and pick him up.  This top currently ranks as my second oldest UFO (un-finished object).  Number 1 is still my log cabin quilt, which you can read about here.

I was on a roll today and would have also basted my Slide Show quilt top (which got it borders on yesterday) and my Starry Eyed Quilt top but I didn't have enough pins left for another big quilt.  

This is my Spot quilt that needs the binding hand stitched down.  It wasn't quite ready for Christmas like I had planned, but it will definitely be ready this December.  It is also a Le Petite project.  When the binding is complete I will only have one Le Petite left to quilt (which is the ric rac one above) and when that one is finished I will have all 12 Le Petite projects totally completed.  Yay!!!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Mariner's Compass

Here is my almost finished 3D Mariner's Compass.  I just need to add the binding and figure out what to put in the center.  I am not really liking the fabric choice I made for the top four points.  Mixed with the other fabrics I feel it is too light and all in my face.  I suppose that is what I get for picking fabrics from my stash late at night without good lighting.  I tried to add a big purple circle in the center, I even had it appliqued on and quilted down, but I didn't like it. So I picked it off.  Now I am not sure what to put in the center.  Maybe a smaller circle in white?

I really like the small cross hatch quilting.  It took me awhile, but I love it.
I ended up sewing down all the points too, so it really isn't 3D anymore, but I didn't like the way they flared out.

I love the back.

I only had a fat quarter of the purple I used in the points and I want that for the binding as well, so I will have to head to the fabric store to see if I can find more.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Night of Quilting

Tonight I am spending quality time with my walking foot.  Earlier today I took my first ever quilt class.  It was with my quilting guild.  They had offered a class on 3D Mariner's Compass.  I had never made a mariner's compass block before but really wanted to so I signed up for the class.  I don't usually like to pack up my machine and all my accessories but I thought I would give it a try. It was fun to sew with all the ladies from the guild.  During class I got my small quilt top finished.  This evening I have been working on quilting it.  When it is finished I will show the whole thing.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Guild Block

This is the block I turned in today at my guild meeting for our BOM.

The rules for February were for a 12.5 inch block that had to use two colors, one being red, and had to have a heart somewhere in the block either by applique, piecing, or showcased in the fabric 

There were 20 blocks turned in.  Unfortunately I didn't win them this time around.  
Perhaps next month I will be lucky.