Sunday, February 19, 2017

Project Quilting Week 4 - Brighter the Better

The theme for Week Four of Project quilting is "Brighter the Better".  So far all my entries have fit this theme.  I have been using my brightest batiks for all my entries, so I wasn't sure what to work on that could be brighter than what I had already been doing. 

I wanted to keep with my lonestar theme and finally decided to piggy back off the pattern that I didn't finish for week three due to sashing issues.  It was definitely a learning curve using sashing on 45 degree angles and trying to get all of them to line up.  I think I took the top apart at least 8 times.  Needless to say I didn't finish.  But I loved the pattern enough to try again this week.  It definitely fits the theme for Brighter the Better.

 I didn't want to create the exact same quilt though, so I opted for a dark gray background, hoping it would make my batiks pop.

There are 128 individual diamonds in this top.
To help get pretty points I paper pieced each one.

Chain paper piecing was the way to go

My stack of pretties.
I took all the papers off while riding in the car this week.

Laying out my diamonds for my wedges.  Again I used chain piecing for these sections.

When making sure I had the right size triangles in the right spots I laid one of my gray sections against the top from last week.  It looked pretty cool seeing the difference in background.

 This time I sewed the top together in quadrants.  Last time I tried doing it on the diagonal which didn't work so well and I ended up takeing it apart twice before I realized quarters was the way to go.

I even had time to do some free motion quilting in the back ground this week.

I am loving this pattern.  It is a variation of one of Karen Stone's lonestar quilts.  I just added sashing to it and omitted the borders.  It measures approximately 40 inches square.

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