Monday, August 29, 2016

Tula JayBird Mini

This was a fun swap.  You had to use Tula Pink Fabrics as your main fabrics along with any Jaybird Mini Quilt Pattern.  
With so many combinations available it was hard to choose, but after much deliberation I chose an Eden Charm pack and the Tiny Dancer pattern. I bought the Mini Hex N More ruler to go with it, which I ended up using for my skinny mini swap as well.

Working on a layout.

I ended up with my lone yellow pinwheel in the center,
followed by the greens, purples, and then reds.

All quilted up and ready to ship out. 

Stay tuned for more minis!


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Skinny Mini - Quilt Swap

Time for a blog update!  My last post was at the beginning of February and I have lots of mini quilts to show you!  Today I will start with my Skinny Mini.

This was the second mini quilt swap I mailed out.  It was called Skinny Mini and the quilt had to be less than 8 inches wide and at least 20 inches long.  
While I was working with Jaybird Quilt's mini Hex N More ruler for another mini swap, inspiration struck for this optical illusion cubed quilt.

I pulled all the colors from my scrap bin.  Love my wonder clips!
They kept everything organized for me.

 And worked mostly at night to whip  this one up.

Here is the real sewing room during production.  I have several projects going at once.  I do believe I suffer from quilters ADD.  I had to set up another flannel board for my layout process since my regular design wall was preoccupied with a regular size quilt.

Here she is all finished!  Some of the blocks didn't contrast as much as I expected and  didn't  give the 3-D pop I was looking for.  To fix that I ended up coloring over them with a crayon to get the shade I needed.

Unfortunately my partner never sent me a return quilt.  :(  
I was a little bummed about that, but have now become more picky with the swaps I join.  There are several Swap mama's who run a tight ship.  If you don't participate and show updates they boot you out.  That may seem harsh to some, but I when I join these swaps I always get a good partner.

Stay tuned for more mini updates!