Monday, October 28, 2013

Cutting Up My Christmas Strips

 One of the items on my Q4 FAL list is to make a fourth Christmas quilt out of the 2 inch Christmas strips I cut at the beginning of the year.  I didn't remember how many I had cut out so when I counted 80 strips, I realized I could definitely make more than one quilt out of all these strips.
(The cut squares above the strips were used in my HST Christmas Quilt top.)

I started out sewing a red and green strip together to get 40 pairs.  I took 12 of those pairs, sewed a 3.5 inch white strip on top to make a tube, and cut them using the strip tube method.  So far I have laid them out in double hour glass blocks, but I may do a pinwheel instead, or even a mixture of both.

I took the remaining 28 pairs and put them together to get 14 strips of alternating red and green. 
 I decided these would make a great festive Dresden plate quilt.  Each strip gives me 20 wedges, which is how many wedges there are in one Dresden plate using the Easy Dresden Ruler by Darlene Zimmerman.   I plan on making these scrappy, and I want each Dresden to have one wedge from each strip strip, but that means I will need 20 different strip sets so I need to cut and sew 6 more alternating strips.  That will give me 20 Dresden plates.  That might be too many for a small quilt, so I'll break it up into two Dresden quilts.  That will give me three more Christmas quilt tops when I am finished, which is good, I have big plans for these beauties.  ;)

In the middle of my cutting, Jasper must have thought I needed a break.
He sat right on top of the strip I was cutting.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year again, the Night of the Nan Ya Halloween party.  It is usually held the Friday night before Halloween, so costumes have to be ready by then.  This year the kids helped out a lot with their costumes.

My youngest wanted to be Gandalf.  He has really been into the Hobbit lately and he was determined to be the wizard.  I found a hat pattern in the internet and used it as a base for his hat.  Then I did some quick throw over the shoulder and sew up some seams for his robe and cloak.
I found a cool tutorial for the staff.  Mine didn't turn out quite as spiffy as the one on the website, but turned out good enough for what we needed.  We bought the beard and wig online.

My next oldest couldn't decide what he wanted to be.  It was down to the last hour before the party so I suggested we at least paint his face, so we came up with this.

My next oldest is playing Frodo in a road show in November, so he decided to go ahead and be Frodo for the Halloween party.  His outfit was more "put together" than sewn.  We collected his items from the thrift store. $1 for pants. $1 for the shirt.   The vest came from the ladies side for $1.98. I hemmed up the pants and took in the waist a little. For the shirt I ripped the collar off and that was it. 
The only thing I sewed was the hood on the cloak.  The cloak is from fleece so I didn't even have to hem it.  I found a good pattern for the cloak on the internet.  The furry feet are trimmed flip flops with a dog wig cut up and glued on.  I think we need to find some brown colored hair spray to lighten them up for Halloween night and the road show.

My daughter's pirate costume was was thrift store finds too.
Shirt $3, Pants $3.  (It is interesting how the ladies items are triple the price of the men's items at the thrift store.)   The black striped pants fit her perfect and didn't even wrinkle.   I was little sad to cut them shorter. They would have made a nice addition to her regular wardrobe.  I was going to make her a red vest, but we found this one at Walmart.  $14 was worth a few hours of my time so we bought it.
Make up, jewelry, and boots we already had on hand.

I sure get a kick out of Frodo being way taller than Gandalf.

We took home two prizes at the Halloween party.  Yay!
They don't announce 1st, 2nd, or 3rd - they just pick top three.
Gandalf took home top three for his age group of 9-12

And Sarah got picked as top three in the Adult category.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Christmas Advent Calendar

I finished quilting my Christmas Advent Calendar at the end of September, just in time to turn it in for display at the South Carolina State Fair.  I picked it back up this week along with a blue ribbon to go with it.  :)

 I am glad to have it back home because I didn't get a chance to get a photo of it before I sent it in.
So as soon as I got it back I took it to the park for a photo shoot.

It was a little over cast outside, but still good enough weather to take some good photos.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another Finish for the Q4 FAL

I completed another one of the projects on my Q4 FAL listIt was my second oldest UFO. It was started in 2006 and put aside for various reasons throughout the years.   It was even put on my New Year's resolution list in 2009, but that obviously didn't go over too well. I did get the top finished that year though so that was progress right?

 It has been basted since February 2012, but again I got side tracked with other projects that took precedence.  This quilt has always been for me though, so that is probably why it kept getting moved to the bottom of the "To Do" list.

For the quilting I did some simple meandering on the pinwheel blocks, and then did a little more fancier quilting in the yellow inner border.

It is nice to finally have this one finished.  I plan to use it as my winter quilt in the family room.
Once all the Christmas decorations are put up, it will be nice to have these colors to brighten up the rest of the winter season.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wicked Blog Hop Starts Today!

Today is the first day of the 2013 Wicked Blog Hop and I am excited that I get to help kick it off.
For this hop all I could think about was witches and their hats.
  So I designed a wall hanging filled with six different witch hats.

The hat on the top left is one of my favorites.  I made it a little more rugged than the others.
My next favorite is the one on the right.  I love the curly tip.

I hope you like my little creation,
Now I am off to hopping, I am excited to see what everyone else has whipped up.

Make sure you check out the rest of Hoppers today!
Tuesday, October 22nd
Sew Incredibly Crazy

Click on the image to see the whole schedule.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bev's Burgundy Qult

I finished quilting Bev's quilt the other day and dropped it off yesterday.
For the quilting, she asked me to use an all over design with burgundy thread.
It turned out great!

I love how the burgundy thread pops out nicely on the white sashing.
Beverly said this quilt is for her.  I am glad of that, I know the feeling of giving away a lot of quilts and keeping very few for myself, so it is nice to create one to keep around once in a while.

I just happened to finished one for myself to keep last night.  It is the second finish from the list I made for the fourth quarter of the Finish Along for 2013.  Later on this afternoon I will try to wrangle up some quilt holders to go to the park and get some photos.  I think the park will be my new place to take quilt pictures.  I love having the water in the background with the quilts.


Friday, October 18, 2013

I.S.T.H Finished - First for the Q4 FAL

This is my first finish for the fourth quarter of the Finish-A-Long.  You can see my finish list here. I decided to start with a project that was mostly finished to give me a kick start to the quarter.
For this one all I had left was to finish the quilting in the purple border and the yellow in the stars. I decided to leave the curves in the light purple fabric as they were.  The original hold up for this project was trying to decide if I wanted to add feathers to those curves.  I decided to keep the quilt soft and not put in the feathers. Once the rest of the quilting was done, binding it was quick.

While I was taking photos, some of the ducks at the park kept getting closer.
They seemed really interested in what we were doing.  

Or perhaps they thought we had food.

I sure love my quilt holders. This holder is my youngest son.
He is the perfect height to hold this one up. 

One finish complete, that leaves 11 more for the quarter.
I'm fired up to get these finishes knocked out, some have been waiting a long time.
Lets hope that fire doesn't die out after the first month.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Orca Bay Quilt Complete

The Opportunity Quilt for my guild is now complete.  I finished the binding on the Ocra Bay quilt the other day, but was waiting for some good weather to take photos.  That day was today.  The day started out cloudy, but by the afternoon the skies were blue.

I took my boys to the park with me and had them help me hold it up.

For the back I used the wide backing fabric from Connecting Threads.
It sure was nice not having to piece the backing.

Since the quilt is so busy, I decided to quilt it with an all over design.

 I'll turn the quilt over at the November meeting and we will start selling tickets for the drawing in March.  We'll pull a winner at the end of the Civil War Re-enactment which is usually held the first weekend in March.

I really love this quilt. So much so that I may have to make one for myself. 


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Finish Along 2013 Fourth Quarter

I am a little late to the party, but better late than never right?  I have decided to join the last quarter of the Finish Along for 2013.  I will finally have some more quilting time for myself this fall since I am only enrolled in one college class.  Next spring I take three more classes and then I will have my bachelor's degree. YAY!!

 Leanne, the host this year, said go large so that is what I plan to do!  I am going to aim for four finishes per month. That's doable right?? So without further delay I will list the finishes that I want to get done this quarter.

1. Quilt and bind my HST Christmas Quilt

2. Quilt and bind my Starry Night Christmas Quilt

3. Quilt and bind my Pinwheel Christmas Quilt

4. Sew together a fourth Christmas quilt from these strips I cut out last year.
I am going to add an off white fabric and make a strip tube Christmas Quilt.

Can you tell I want to be ready for Christmas this year??

5.  Finish quilting my i.s.t.h. quilt.  I am almost done with the quilting.  The hold up on this on has been me trying to decide if I wanted to add more feathers to a curved lined I quilted in the large triangle sections.  

6.  Finish the top for my twisting maple leaf quilt.

7.  Quilt and bind my Slide Show Quilt

8. Finish my Dresden quilt.  I am so close to having this one be a complete top.

9. Make that last Mondo bag which I bought the interfacing for.

10.  Quilt my Leap Year Schnibbles quilt

11. Quilt my Jacks Schnibbles Quilt

12.  Finally finish the quilting on this Pinwheel quilt.
Out of all the projects on the list, this one has been waiting the longest.

Phew, that is a lot of quilting.  Let's see if I can get them all done. There is no penalty for not finishing everything on the list, so it is good to make a long list.  It also helps put things in a time line for me.  If I have 12 things that I know I want to finish these next three months, I won't waste time trying to figure out which ones should get done first.  I love this list! I wish I would have jumped into this Finish Along sooner.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Getting Wicked

My project for the Wicked Blog hop is under way.  It is an original design and I am excited about it!
Can't wait to show it off on October 22!