Sunday, December 30, 2018

Batik Strip N Flip Quilt

This quilt came about as I was trying to come up with an easy quilt pattern to use for the beginner quilt class I am teaching this January.  I ended up going with a single Irish Chain pattern for the quilt class so my students can learn basic block construction, but I was loving the colors in this one so I finished  it up.

It went together super fast.  I picked 32 different pre-cut 2.5 in strips from two different older Island Batik strip sets, Blue Heaven and Juicy Jewels, and sewed them all together.

After all the strips were sewn together I squared it all up and cut it into seven different smaller strips and flipped three of them.

I put sashing between each strip set and added a darker blue border.

I loved the colors so much in this one I decided to keep it for myself.

I did a pieced backing on this one.  When the quilts get so big that you have to sew two pieces together I always opt for different fabrics.  I pick one that goes the length of the quilt by the width of the fabric, then add some smaller pieces on the sides.  I have less leftovers this way.

It was mostly cloudy on the beach the during the photo shoot, but a cloudy day at the beach is still a good day in my opinion.