Sunday, September 23, 2012


For the September Friday Night Sew In, I didn't really do much sewing.  Instead I spent the evening doing dome prep work for my dotty Dresden quilt.

 I turned this pile of fabric into a pile of neatly pressed Dresden plate petals.
 I also cut out all the brown circles I will need to finish my quilt.

While I was at it I also decided to press a different set of Dresden plate petals.  I was originally going to use these pastels for my Dots on Dots blog hop block, but I didn't have enough dot fabrics to finish the Dresden plate.  This particular Dresden pate will need 20 petals, and I when I started it, I only had enough dot fabric for 5 petals. I thought about duplicating fabrics, but I really wanted 20 different ones for this project.
 I have since collected a few more pastel dot fabrics, but I am still on the hunt for three three more to finish it up. 

Even though there was no humming of the sewing machine on Friday, I was still very productive.
Now that these petals are prepped and pressed, I can zip them through the machine in no time.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dots on Dots Blog Hop

Today is the day I get to reveal my Dots on Dots block!

When I signed up for the blog hop, I only had four different dot fabrics.
I like dots, but I never really knew how to incorporate them into my quilts unless they were scrappy.
So I decided this was the perfect challenge for me.
I had a yard of some lovely red dotted Henry Glass fabric that I had been itching to put into something. 
I just didn't know what that something was. 
When this blog hop was announced, I challenged myself to use my red dot fabric.

After some trial and error, and asking everyone in the family, "do you like it better like this, or like this?" (Any Brian Regan Fans? If you have a few minutes and need a good laugh check him out on youtube) this is the block I came up with.

I am loving the small design board I made from Lori's tutorial. It turned out to be the perfect display for my block. I even bought some blue dot fabric for the edging.

When I first started making my block, one of my original drawings didn't incorporate a center circle on my Dresden plate. None of my acrylic rulers cut a full Dresden petal so I went online to hunt for a template that would allow me to have a full Dresden without a hole in the center. I also wanted it to be small.  I found the perfect template on Shaw K L Designs Blog.  Her template is a full 12 petal Dresden and it finished at 7.5 inches from tip to tip.   
I did end up adding a top circle for my final block but I am still going to keep this template.
I like the look of the full Dresden plate and I already have an idea brewing in my head of something I can do with them.

This is what the block looks like with some buddies. 
Eventually this will turn into a 12 block quilt with four rows of three blocks each and a blue dotted border.

Thanks for visiting!
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Happy Hopping!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Faceted Jewels Completed!!

After more hours than I care to count I am finished with the quilting.

I quilted in the ditch around most of the quilt.
The only thing that didn't get ditch stitching was the smaller geese triangles.

Then I did freehand feathers, loops, and swirls.

The first time I ever saw this quilt was on Thelma's Cupcakes N Daisies blog and Instantly fell in love with it.

I have since seen this patterned also called "Eye Fooler" by Quail Valley Quilts.

It is my new favorite quilt.

So it was a little hard for me to put it in a box and mail it off to Asheville, NC.

It will hang in the 30th Annual Asheville Quilt Show September 28-30, 2012.

I'll go visit it on the Saturday though and I will get to take it back home with me on Sunday.

This makes finish #15 for the year.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cats and Deadlines

There I was, making good quilting progress on my Faceted Jewels quilt when along came Jasper.
He plopped himself right on top of my quilt and rested his head on the side of the machine.  

What is up with this crazy cat.  Doesn't he know I am on a deadline...

Or perhaps he knew I had been at the machine for a couple hours and that I needed a break.
Yeah, I think that was it.
Cats are smart like that.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tish's Crane and Fish Quilt

I finished Tish's quilt the other day and gave it to her during our quilt guild meeting on Thursday. 
She loved it and I do too!!  She wanted this one custom quilted and asked for a few specifications.

She wanted gold thread.
She wanted a crane quilted at the top.
She wanted bubbles quilted at the bottom.

I took it outside to take photos of it like I normally do for my quilts, but I couldn't get the quilting to show up like I wanted.  This is a photo of the crane outside.

At first I was intimidated by Tish's request of a crane.
 She said if I couldn't do it don't worry about it.
 But she had given me a challenge and I wasn't about to give up on it. 

This is the inside photo. The blue fabric color is not  depicted right in this photo, but you can see more of the gold thread.

I'll admit I spent more time staring at this quilt than quilting it.  I was worried about not being able to draw with thread what I saw in my mind.  Finally with the deadline looming I quit worrying and just did it.  I started out with the anticipation of ripping lots of threads, but it turned out great the first time! Probably from all my practice on those small fabric postcards. I have made hundreds of tiny thread painted images, this time I just had to increased the size. So I suppose the old adage is true, "practice makes perfect" - well maybe not perfect, but pretty darn good.  :)

At the bottom I added a fish to go with the bubbles Tish wanted.  

It is hard to see the quilting here, I traced around all the images of the panel in gold thread.
When Tish said she wanted gold thread my first thought was,"Oy Vey!" 
I had worked with gold thread before and it wasn't pretty. I don't even want to repeat what was coming out of my mouth.  This time around though I decided to use a better quality (more expensive) thread hoping it would improve my results.  I bought a 1000 yard spool of Sulky gold metallic. It was priced at $16, but I had a 50% off coupon!  Yay! Love those JoAnns coupons.

I also opted for a Top Stitch needle instead of a metallic or regular 90/14. The better thread combined with the top stitch needle made quilting with gold metallic thread a breeze. I can't wait to have another project that needs gold thread.  It is so beautiful in this project.

Full view inside on the design board.
I never knew my design board could hold up a completed finished quilt all by itself!!
I love my board even more!!

I really love this fish!!

Close up of the tail.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

AYOS - Dimestore

Finished with plenty of hours to spare.
I was actually done before dinner last night. 

Once the sashing was cut to size and the blocks were sewn the rest went together super fast!

It is always fun to see how everyone else interprets the pattern each month.
You can see the parade of Dimestore quilts on Sinta's and Sherri's blogs.

Of course Sheen had to test out the top.
It is Cat approved.