Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finished my June top for Le Petite Challenge

Just in time for me to head to the beach for the rest of the week.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ric Rac Triangles Cut Out

We were offered a choice between 2 different patterns for the June LePetite Challenge.
I have chosen to do the Schnibbles Ric Rac pattern.
It needs 294 triangles.  I cut them out last night.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Table Setting Finished

The table topper was done this Saturday, and the 4 place mats got finished this morning.

I am one day behind my schedule.  I wanted to have these in the mail yesterday, but we had a bad storm come through and the power kept flickering, so I turned off my sewing machine.  It is plugged into a spiffy power supply, but since the machine costs more than I can afford to replace right now, I decided to not risk it getting fried and turned it off.

But with priority mail, these should still arrive in TN in plenty of time.

These will be going on a white table, and will look way better on that than my wrinkly blue table cloth.
I have an iron, but since I have no plans of quilting the table cloth, it gets to stay wrinkled.  
Besides, with 4 kids and one husband, the table cloth wont stay clean long and will end up back in the wash in a day or too.   


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jungle Animal's Done

 Yay for Netflix and a Glee marathon.   I finished up this baby panel last night while the Glee kids sang to me.  :)

I put the binding on this morning and snapped it's picture.

I had a lot of fun quilting this.  I outlined the animals and leaves, then did some meandering quilting, some cobblestone quilting, and finished it up with squiggly lines in the sky.  For the border, I went around all the brown giraffe spots.

Panels are great to work with when you want to try new quilting techniques or perfect your old ones.  I always enjoy quilting panels, it gets my creative quilting juices flowing.

Next on the quilting schedule is to finish the table topper and place mats.
Then come Monday I can ship them and this baby quilt to their new home in TN.

(and now I have the "Come Monday" song by Jimmy Buffet running around in my head)



Friday, June 10, 2011

Table Set

Wow, I haven't been doing much sewing around here since the end of May.  I thought with school ending I would have more time to play around with my fabric, but things keep popping up and I am finding myself more and more away from the sewing machine.  I had some pretty ambitious sewing goals for these past 10 days, but only one got accomplished and even then I felt like I was snatching minutes every couple days.  But I am happy to report that I did finish the tops for this table set.  I also got the batting trimmed, so all I need to do is cut the backing and baste them together.

So far my calendar is empty for the next couple of days, so I am planning to finish these by this weekend.

The table topper measures 23 in square and the 4 place mats are 13 x 19.

While I was cutting out batting for the place mats and table topper, I also trimmed up a piece for this cute baby panel that my friend sent to me.  It is for her niece's new baby.  This panel is super cute and I am excited to do some free hand quilting all over it.  I even got it basted. Since it was small enough to fit on the table, I was able to jump right in and start.  Normally for larger quilts I have to move furniture, sweep, and scrub the floor before I can even start basting. And it sure was nice to be able to sit at the table, instead of crawling around on the floor while basting.  :)


Friday, June 3, 2011

"Label it Nine Patch" by Tish

This is the quilt I mentioned in April but wasn't able to show a photo of till now.  The quilt was made by Tish and she asked me to quilt it for her. She had been collecting unique and fancy labels from clothing and sewed them all onto this quilt.  She has labels mixed in her 9 patches and the border is full of labels.  I stitched around each individual label in the border and then in the ditch of all the squares.  It is really a fun unique quilt.  You could stand for a long time examining all the different labels in this quilt.  Some are very colorful and are tiny works of art all on their own.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I won a Ribbon!!

I won a red ribbon for "Best Use of Theme" at my guilds Quilt Challenge Show!  The theme this year was "9 Patch". For my entry I finished up the 9 patch quilt from the quilt along I started over at Amanda Jean's blog in the summer of '09.  I actually finished the quilt at the beginning of May this year, but I didn't want to post a photo of it till it was revealed at the show today. All the quilts were revealed this morning as part of our June guild meeting and awards were handed out at the end of the meeting.  I was really surprised when they called my name out.  There were lots of fancy quilts there and I really didn't think my quilt would place at all.

All the quilts will hang in the Hartsville, SC Museum for the summer so if you are in town, stop by the museum to see them in person.