Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Newest Project

I had to put my sewing projects to the side for now while I helped my husband build a set of stairs.  This is the bottom half of them.  When you get to the top of these, you will turn and then head up another small set to reach our soon to be new attic room.  We have been working on these for a few weeks to get them done in time for Thanksgiving.  All my relatives will be here for the Holiday's so we had to have it safe for all of them while they are here.  All I have left to do is finish mudding the drywall and then paint.  I want a color other than white, but I am undecided as to which one.  I was leaning towards burgundy, probably because it is in the family of my favorite color, but I don't want to make the stairway too dark.  Maybe I will start with one wall and see how it looks.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I've Zigged, now I need to Zag

I spent the evening last night sewing my Zigs together and now I have 16 diagonal strips hanging on my makeshift design wall.  Now all I have left to do for this top is sew these diagonal strips together and then trim the edges.  This is going to be bigger than I thought so it won't do for a cute baby blanket.  I will have to save it for something else.  I am liking the way it is coming out, but my husband always bunches up his forehead when he walks into the room.  He says it looks like a pink Charlie Brown shirt.....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Zig Zag Progress

Instead of using the yellow fabric I posted earlier for this new zig zag quilt, I decided to use a white tone on tone fabric.  Mainly because I didn't have enough of the yellow.  I was a couple inches too short in yardage to get all the strips I needed.

This evening I cut out all the strips and sewed them together.  Then I pressed them all and cut them all into 5.5 inch squares.  Each stack has 14 squares.  In the next couple of days I will lay them out and and see which order I like the pink colors for my zig zags. Hopefully I can do it sooner than later, but I am helping my husband build new stairs to our attic this week, so it may end up being later.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Starting a new quilt.

I have been itching to try out this Zig Zag quilt ever since I saw it on Crazy Mom Quilts' Blog.   So I picked out the fabrics today and put them on the cutting mat where they are ready to be cut into 3 inch strips.  I want to make this quilt for a little girl, so I decided to make it with various pinks and a yellow fabric as my base.  When looking through my stash, I realized I didn't have as many pink fabrics as I thought.  I barely had enough to pick out the nine I needed for this quilt.  I am a little wary about the pink and silver stars.  Hopefully when its all cut out and separated by the yellow, all the fabrics will play well together.  I haven't added any fabric to my stash for a couple years it has been slowly dwindling.  That is a good thing right??

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rag quilt for a boy this time.

Lately I have  been making pretty pink rag quilts.  So it was a nice switch to make one in blues and yellows for a little boy.  For this rag quilt I put the 4 patch blocks on the back.  So it is almost like a fancy double sided quilt.

I do believe the front of this one is my favorite so far, but then again I am partial to the blue and yellow color combination.  :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Matching Burp Cloths

I finished up these two burp cloths over the weekend.  They were made to match the rag quilt I made in September.  These beauties are fun to make using cloth diapers and my embroidery machine.  They are one of my favorite items to make for new babies.