Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dresdens Going Together

I've been spending the week hand appliqueing down my Dresden plates.  I have six more to go.

Halfway done.


I am glad my kids still like to hang with me when I sew.
I use to give them buttons to play with when they were little,
Now they have upgraded to the pins.
This is what my 16 year old did with my pincushion yesterday.


Friday, March 15, 2013

More Spring Baskets

I showed my kids the first basket I made and they said they wanted some for their Easter baskets,
so I made three more.
I was picking out fabrics for the basket on the left when my oldest son came in the room to keep me company. He said he wanted to pick the fabrics for his basket so I let him.  His is in the middle.

My youngest son, who is 9, wanted all solid fabric for his.  I tried to convince him to use some patterned fabric for cuteness, but there was nothing I could have said or done that would have convince him to use anything other than solids.

I pulled out the colors he wanted and cut out the pattern.  He kept assuring me it would look fantastic and he was right.  It did turn out fantastic.  He says the solid one is the best out of all four.  :)

My middle son said he wanted one made in all browns. The darker the better.  I am still trying to convince him to go for more Easter colors. We shall see what happens...


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Basket

I saw this basket on the Sweetwater blog and loved it right away.
When I saw they were offering kits in their Etsy shop I snatched one up so I could make one of my very own.

 The pattern called for something called Soft and Stable which I hadn't heard of before. After a google search I found it is a foam type interfacing that makes bags stiff.  I also realized I would have to order some through the internet since I don't have any local quilts shops nearby to purchase it from.  I was really eager to make the basket though so instead of waiting for soft and stable I used fusible fleece instead.  The basket still came out nice and stiff. I do eventually want to try the Soft and Stable just too see first hand what it is like. It will have to be some good stuff  though to make me switch from fusible fleece, I love that stuff.  

I plan to make another basket and already have more fusible fleece cut out, but on the next one I want to make a better knot at the top of the basket.  This one didn't come out as pretty as I envisioned it.  Perhaps I can fiddle around with it to make it more beautiful.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Civil War Re-enactment

Every year my quilt guild attends the civil war re-enactment of the Skirmish at Gamble's Hotel.  We have a little booth near the main house and show off some of the quilts we have made and offer little demonstrations on hand sewing and quilting.  On the last day of the event we giveaway a quilt to one lucky winner   The event was held over the weekend and I love seeing all the people dressed up in period costumes.  This is on of my favorite photos from the event.

I have been asked to be in charge of making next year's opportunity quilt.
It is a big task, but I am excited to do it and already have some ideas rolling around in my head.
I'll keep you posted.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Christmas Top Finished

I added the green and red borders this afternoon and now the top is complete. Yay! 
I never knew it could feel this good to be one step closer to finishing Christmas sewing in February.