Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Triangle Tricks with Island Batik

The May Challenge for Island Batik Ambassadors is Triangle Tricks.  We were challenged to get out of our comfort zone and play around with triangles. Well, that was good news for me because triangles are totally in my comfort zone!

I love working with triangles! They create so many different fun patterns. The challenge for me was trying to figure out what triangles I wanted to use! To make it easy I decided to use several different sizes and shapes of triangles in my project. 

I wanted something a little scrappy so I opened up some of these cute blue stash builders. Each roll has four 5 inch strips x WOF and there are 5 rolls per bundle; so 20 prints. There is a lot of fabric in these little bundles and lots of variety in prints. I ended up using three full rolls for this little quilt plus some background fabric. 

For the cutting I used the Accuquilt go cutter. I love cutting triangles with these dies. They always come out accurate and sew up so nice with the notches helping everything line up.  And the dog ears are already cut off! Can't beat that.

I ran 12 different prints through the machine with different triangle dies.

I used the 3 inch finished HST, the 1.5 inch finished HST, and the 3 in finished Square in a Square. 

No fabric was wasted on these. That left over fabric at the top of these cuts was perfect for my four patch squares.

The white background is one of my favorite Island Batik Foundation prints called Sprinkles.
I ran that through the die cutter as well. 

I cut out the blue triangle parts of the flying Geese by hand. After that I went to look on the Accuquilt site to see if they had a die for 1.5 x 3 inch flying Geese and they do! They sell it in a combo: The 1.5 HST and the 3 in QST.  I actually have both dies! Doh! I used the 1.5 HST for the white part, but it didn't dawn on me to use the 3 in QST die for the blue geese triangles. I'll have to spend more time on the Accuquilt site looking for other combos and ideas for future projects.

Out of all my blocks the Geese came out just a wee bit wonky.  Again, that's why I love these dies for cutting triangles. I do way less fudging when I use them.  Everything sews up so smooth.

I pieced the quilt using some leftover white Auriful Thread from one of my other quilting projects and quilted it with Hobbs Premium Heirloom Batting.

And as always it was sewn and quilted with Schmetz Needles. I love their chrome microtex needles. They are perfect for Island Batik fabrics.

This quilt is a small blue version of a Faceted Jewel quilt. It measures 42 inch square and the triangles in a square help give the illusion of circles.  Oh how these triangles play tricks and pretend to be curves. 

Happy Sewing!


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Picnic Quilt - Foodie Blog Hop

 Welcome to day two of the Foodie Blog Hop hosted by Carla of Creatin in the Sticks!

When I first signed up for the hop I had envisioned a taco themed quilt with lots of triangles but then the taco fabric I ordered ended up not coming. It was out of stock...bummer.  On to plan B.  But I didn't have plan B, so I started thinking...

Last year one of my sons said he wanted a picnic quilt. I asked him what a picnic quilt looks like. He said it can look like anything, just something to take on a picnic.  I explained to him the life cycle of quilt and that most picnic quilts, which are usually laid on the ground, have already lived a long useful life before they become picnic quilts.  He said he wanted a new quilt, he didn't want to wait for its life cycle to become a picnic quilt.  So I got to work on a new picnic quilt.

I had been wanting to make this particular Diamond Irish Chain quilt for awhile and I figured it would be perfect for a picnic quilt.  I showed my son a picture and asked if this would qualify and he agreed it would but he wanted it to be a bit bigger.  The photo I showed him was a smaller quilt.  This one measures 67 inch square, big enough for two people to sit on.

This version uses "left overs". Perfect for a foodie blog hop.
I pulled out scraps from both my bright and neutral fabrics, and whipped up something delicious.

The large half square triangles are pretty big and make a 9 inch diamond block and the center nine patches in the chain blocks are three inches!  I love tiny pieces! Lots of fun playing with big and little scraps for this one.

And for the back I had the perfect picnic fabric, Hot Dogs and Pizza!

My son's favorite color is orange so I used orange strips to fill out the rest of the back and the green strips help bring out the relish on the hotdogs and peppers on the pizza.

Waiting on the taco fabric that never came put me a little behind, so I didn't quite have enough time to quilt this one, but it is almost ready to go.  Just need to get the batting ready and get it on the frame!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to visit all the other bloggers showing off their Foodie creations today!

Happy Sewing!