Sunday, March 11, 2018

Project Quilting 9.5 "A Stitch in Time Saves 9"

I had a hard time with the theme this week.  I was going to do Dr. Who, but I already have two Tardis quilts and wanted something different.  My mind kept going back to cats and their 9 lives, but I didn't see how that would fit with the stitch in time part.  

Then I told myself, "If you don't hurry up and pick a pattern you will be up all night Saturday night trying to stitch way more than nine stitches..."  So I decided pattern choosing procrastination fit the theme and went with cats and their nine lives.    

I have been following the #candycatsqal on instagram hosted by @schnitzelandboo and even printed out the pattern to play along with the Quilt Along but still hadn't made any of my own kitties yet. The pattern is free from Unicorn Hearts and you can get it here: Candy Cats Pattern.

My plan for this week was to sew 9 Candy Cats at half the size and turn them into a mini quilt, but then I got sick, nothing bad, just a horrible cold which make me feel like doing nothing most nights other than vegging out in front of the TV.

Come Saturday I only had 2 cats done... What to do?  I really want to participate in all 6 challenges this year.  It will be my first year ever doing all 6.  So I decided to alter my plan and I turned those two mini kitties into  two 4 x 6 postcards ready for mailing.  

I got out my "Postcard Supplies" box, which hasn't been opened in years and pulled out what I needed.  The box has peltex, wonder under, and muslin backing all cut to size and ready go to.  Thank goodness for that.  I trimmed my kitties to size and turned them into postcards in plenty of time for me to hit the hay by 8pm.

I'm still feeling under the weather today, but am super happy I got my 9.5 project complete!

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Can't seem to have a photo shoot without one of the real kitties helping out.