2017 Q4 Finish-A-Long

After taking two quarters off I am ready to tackle some of these UFOs.  I am not in any more swaps right now and can focus my time finishing these projects. It's an ambitious list for the last quarter of 2017, but I am hoping to finish at least a few of them.

.*End of Quarter Update*
I finished Three total from the list.  I will comment on the progress of the others in blue.

Halloween Paganinni
Started October 2010
This one stayed put the whole quarter.
Ready for quilting, but no love
at all this time around.

Fancy Foxes
Started December 2015
Date Finished:
Jan 5, 2017
Autumn Leaves
Started Fall 2012

I made some good progress
on this one. I got all the fabric
cut to finish up the leaf blocks.

That 70's Quilt.
Started October 2014
I found where I stashed the
background fabric for this one.

Halloween Strips 
Started Fall 2012
I got this one out to play with and
realized I had to take apart what I

had already sewn.  I sewed the
center octagon together already,

but I found it will be easier to
construct in eight huge wedges.
Started January 2014
Date Finished:
November 24, 2017

Pythagoras' Lute Quilt
Started March 2014

This one stayed put the whole quarter.
no love at all this time around.
Halloween Pops
Purchased Kit October 2012
Cut the fabrics September 2017
This kit was missing an orange fabric.
I successfully bought a shade of

orange to complete it.

We Support You
Started January 2015

I sewed a little bit of green zig zag
 on one of the bras. but that was it.
It went back into the box when
I had to clean up and make room 
for my new long arm machine.

Polk-A-Dot Dresden
Started September 2012
This one stayed put the whole quarter.
no love at all this time around.

Pastel Dresdens
Started January 2013
This one is progressing slowly, I have
been hand stitching the yellow

centers onto the dresdens. Almost
done with those.
Started April 2016

Date Finished:
October 2017


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