Sunday, December 26, 2021

Two Quick Christmas Quilts

I hope everyone is having a good Christmas Weekend!
Today I want to show off some quick Christmas quilts I made this month.

During Thanksgiving weekend, I went to the sewing closet to look for something and I came across my Christmas Scrap bin.

Getting distracted easily, I pulled it out and looked inside and found several 2.5 inch squares and decided to sew up some Christmas nine patches.

With a little help from Sheen,  I cut and sewed...

and pretty soon had enough nine patches to make two lap quilts.

I put them on the design wall and decided I wanted something else in the off blocks so I tried out a pinwheel.  Looked good to me so I got to cutting.

Using the easy angle ruler I cut triangles from my 2.5 inch Christmas strips and some white and got to sewing.

A lovely pile of half square triangles to iron.

Pressed and ready for the next step

I put two green and two red together. for each pinwheel.  Then added a 1 inch white border all around to get them to 6 inches to match the nine patches.

All laid out on the design board.

The first one all quilted.

Sheen helping again with the binding.

I went with two different colored borders.  
I couldn't decide if I wanted green or red, so I went with one of each.

I really like the red one, but then again red is my favorite color.

The green border turned out pretty good too.

I went with stripped backing for both.

I started these on Thanksgiving weekend and had them both finished by the first weekend in December.

It helped to have some good chunks of sewing time on Thanksgiving weekend.  I finished the rest by sewing an hour or two before or after work the next week.

Merry Christmas!



  1. What a fun way to use up Christmas scraps. They're both pretty, red or green borders!