Saturday, October 8, 2016

May the Fourth Mini Quilt Swap

Around May of this year I joined the May the 4th Swap.  I couldn't resist that one!
My partner loves BB-8 and I found this very coo and free paper piecing patter at the  Fandom In Stitches blog and started on it right away.

I added my favorite paper pieced star pattern to the mix and thought I had it finished with only four stars.  When I was in the process of basting it, I realized I didn't like the look of just four.  So I took the borders off and added four more stars.

BB-8 surrounded in stars!  This pattern was super fun and super cute!  This one flew all the way to Crystal Lake, IL.  

Check out the mini I received.  It is fantastic! All the way from Australia from Kristi of Quiet Play. Love her patterns!

Stay tuned for more mini's!



  1. BB8!! I don't even know what that is! LOL I do know though, that there is an incredible amount of teeny, tiny pieces in this mini!! I'd like to see the others in the swap to see what the effort level put into their projects compared to yours. Impressive!!