Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Amy Butler Low Volume Mini Quilt Swap

Instagram has introduced me to some fabulous new fabric artists.  Amy Butler is one of them.  I was never really aware of her quilting fabrics till I started following other quilters on Instagram.  They were making some fabulous this with her fabrics and when the Amy Butler Low Volume swamp came up I added my name to the list.  I ordered myself a jelly roll of her Dream Weaver line and it came with the Ribbon Star pattern, which I shrunk down to a mini version for this swap.

The ribbon star pattern is meant to be a large quilt, The jelly roll had enough fabric to make the big quilt and a mini version as well.  The mini version got made first.  The large has been adding to my UFO pile.

I define low volume as not plain white, but not too colorful either. Mostly white, or off white with some pattern: that constitutes low volume for me.  I used my low volume scraps for the background and sashing.

The binding is a piece of fabric from another Amy Butler line, not sure which, it was given to me a long time ago and I didn't even realize it was Amy Butler till I joined this swap.
This one measured 22 x 22.  One of the bigger minis I have made.

This mini flew all the way to Washington State.

I received this mini in return.  

Stay tuned for more minis... 



  1. Amy butler was the first fabric designer i came across. I was a sewer before a quilter. I love her fabric but it can be hard to combine with other designers. I love your mini

  2. I love the blue and green together. So pretty and cheery.