Wednesday, February 29, 2012

7th Finish + More

I finished the Mariners compass last night.  This makes finish #7 for 2012.

 I was going to put it off finishing this indefinitely because I didn't like the top fabric I picked out and I hadn't decided on a way to fix it to my liking.  You can see what it use to look like on the left.  

Tomorrow is guild meeting and they asked everyone who took this class to bring their finished project to the next guild meeting for show and tell. Nothing like a little pressure to get my butt in gear. So I made myself come up with something I liked and appliqued it on, then I put on the binding.  I am liking it a whole lot better now.
I was going to paper peice a smaller star for the center, I even had the papers printed out, but I got lazy was just ready to be done with it, so I cut out a circle instead and sewed it down.

It's looking good now, I actually like it and will put it out on display.

Before I worked on the mariners compass yesterday. I whipped up these two small quilts.  These are the ones I am going to teach the girls with at church tonight.  I have been assigned the task of teaching them how to tie a quilt.  They are small, 24 x 36 ish and I will turn them into the guild for our charity project when we are finished.

This morning I needed some batting for the two tops above, so I basted two bigger quilts knowing I would have enough left over batting from that process for these two smaller quilts.  Funny how one project motivates me to work on another project.  While I was at it I basted my i.s.t.h. quilt too.
With these three basted that makes a total of 6 quilts ready for quilting.  I better get busy... but first a little housework is in order.  Yeah, I did sweep and vacuum the floor this morning so I could baste in a clean room and I got two loads of laundry done on Monday - which isn't much with a house of 6 people - but the rest of the house has been neglected the past couple days.  Though it pains me to step away from the sewing machine when I am in such a good grove, I better get some other stuff done.



  1. I like what you came up with to "fix" what you didn't like about your quilt. I looks great!

  2. I do like your changes to your quilt it finishes it off so much better xxx

  3. It amazing what a difference a circle made :-) Great finish!

  4. Wow--your finished Mariner's Compass is stunning. I love the 'fix'. You are quite a prolific quilter....I am in awe. Happy sewing!

  5. OMG...somebody shoot this woman...she makes us all look bad....:) That Mariner's Compass is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Leah,
    just found a link to your blog from another blog...saw the pinwheel block and thought, that is funny, our guild had that block too, little did I know!!!

  7. Your quilts are beautiful- especially the mariners compass. I haven't mastered paper piecing

  8. Love the way you finished the Mariner's Compass...... yes, it was rather plain before you added the inner star and circle.
    I, too, just found your wonderful blog, super-woman! You are amazing! And a great quilter!!