Sunday, October 16, 2016

Black and White Mini Swap

The next swap I participated in this year was the Black and White Swap.
We had the option to add one color if our partner wished, but my partner wanted only black and white so I stuck with that.  After stalking her Instagram I saw she liked several black and white mushroom drawings, so I printed one off the internet and grabbed a black and white charm pack and got to work.

I cut out the mushrooms into sections to make my pattern pieces.

Satin stitching the mushrooms down.

After appliqueing the mushrooms I had a small 8 inch block.
To make it bigger so I added some black and white triangles and a two inch boarder.

For the quilting, I used my black thread to try to recreate some of the pen drawings in the original, then finished it up with white thread.  

This one was packaged up and set all the way around the world to Australia!
It took a while, but it made it in one piece!

The person sending to me picked a pattern straight from my mosaic.  It is perfect!

Stay tuned for more minis...


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