Thursday, October 6, 2016

Big Stitch Swap

Next on my swap list this year was the Big Stitch Swap.  For this swap you could make a pouch, a mini quilt, or pretty much anything your partner wanted as long as it had a good amount of hand stitching on it.  My partner opted for a mini quilt and mentioned she enjoyed the ocean, so I made her a cute hand stitched mini light house quilt.

Hand embroidery mixed with some machine quilting.
I may need to make myself one of these!  I love how it turned out.

I edged the stitches with crayon to give it a little extra color.

 These little birds are one of my favorite sections!

I received a lovely hand stitched pouch for this swap.

Stay tuned for more mini quilts!



  1. this is lovely! i love the way you used the crayons to highlight the stitches.

  2. The crayon adds a lot. I would've never guessed that that was what you used.