Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Star Block Mini Quilt Swap

I started out my Star Block Mini Quilt swap with this Supernova Star using left over Amy Butler fabrics.  But then my original partner dropped out so I had to change gears. One reason is because my Amy Butler fabrics were temporarily misplaced which meant I couldn't finish my original Supernova star the way I wanted. I had moved the fabrics  to a safe place when I was rearranging my sewing room so they wouldn't get lost. Unfortunately, my brain couldn't reminded me where that safe place was. I do believe it was for the best though because my new partner had a different taste in patterns. I did eventually find my other fabrics, they were in my red basket folded neatly inside another project I wanted to keep safe .

For my new partner I decided to use left over scraps of Blueberry park fabrics and create the Morning Star pattern. 

Lots of pressed open seams for this one.

Viola!  A lovely morning star.

This one was hard to let go, but it landed happily in its new home in PA.

This fancy half Lonestar is what I received!

Stayed tuned for more minis!



  1. Good gracious, that is INCREDIBLE!! Where is the pattern from?

  2. Thanks so much, The pattern is a block called Morning Star from Tracey Jay Quilts on Crafsty:

  3. that's beautiful, what a fab, intricate pattern! Is it paper pieced?

  4. So very pretty. It looks almost like a compass rose.