Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Purple Quilt Finished

My cat finally got off my purple quilt and I was able to finish it up.  :)
Actually I quilted a little bit on it every day over the past two weeks.  I have spent most of my craft time quilting for others lately, but I always make sure to set aside a few minutes each day (sometimes only 15) to work on something of my own.  Thanks to those spurts of time set aside I now have a finish of my own.

I wasn't sure what to put in the big purple border squares so I decided to go with feathers.  
You can never go wrong with feathers right?

In the purple diamonds between the nine patches I tried one of Leah Day's Free Motion Designs called Feathered Hearts.  You can see them pretty good from the back of the quilt.  They are a little more dense than the rest of the quilt, but they were fun to do and great practice.

I have a couple more client quilts and a Citizen Sam quilt waiting there turn on the machine so I will better back to those.    



  1. How beautiful! I love purple and this purple quilt is just gorgeous! Amazing quilting :-)

  2. I love the feathered hearts design. Gorgeous quilting!