Sunday, February 7, 2016

Project Quilting Week Three: All About That Thread

The theme for week three of Project Quilting is "All About that Thread".

I decided to go small this week after my huge bed size quilt last week.  
It made for a more relaxing week and I still got to participate even though I spent three days at the hospital with my son while he had his appendix removed.  We came home Saturday afternoon and I finished up my project while my son recovered on the couch.  He is recovering well thank goodness, which gave me time to finish up this mini quilt.

The Unicorn pattern is from
I first saw it on Instagram ( and wanted to make one of my very own. I used a black background so I could show off some thread work for this weeks theme.

It measures 21 x 21 inches.

I used all brands of thread: Aurifil, Gutermann, Sulky, and Connecting Threads.

It was fun to paint my background with thread.  
My son said it looked like a cool drawing instead of quilting.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Project Quilting 7 Week Two: Seasons

What a week!  Every spare minute was spent at the machine. Early mornings, late evenings, during lunch breaks and into the wee hours of the morning... all to complete this quilt from start to finish in just one week !

Every time I close my eyes now I see snowflake parts.

This is for week two of Project Quilting 7.
The theme this week was "Seasons"

I opted to do one season.  
Autumn is my favorite season, but I was in the mood for something wintry, and wanted to work in blues.  While perusing the internet for inspiration ideas, I came across this pattern from Quilter Maker Magazine and knew I wanted to have one of my very own.

I couldn't resit making the whole quilt.
I was originally going to make one snowflake and make a table topper,
but I just kept piecing snowflakes like a mad woman!

This beauty measures 67 x 77.
I am in love with it.

I am going to call it  "Snow and Ice"

I'm definitely going to go smaller next week.  It was a huge challenge to get this one done in a week.  And I missed being able to stop and stare and take in the progress as I went.  There just wasn't time for staring.  If that sewing machine wasn't humming along I was getting behind.

When I first started quilting years ago I wanted to have a finished product ASAP! but now I notice I spend more time stopping and admiring the project as it develops.  I really do enjoy the whole quilting process from start to finish.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

One Block Wonder Finished

Finished this one up this afternoon. I started it in 2014 when I saw Carla make one very similar during Season 5 of project quilting and wanted to have one of my very own.  

 What put a fire under my sewing machine was my son Jacob.  He asked me if I could get him a tapestry to hang on his dorm at school like some of the other kids.  He wanted something that would make his room feel more like a room instead of a boring space with four cinder block walls.

I told him I didn't have a tapestry, but I could make him something just as good.
I pulled out my triangles and asked him to put them on the design board in a layout he liked and I would sew it up for him.  He choose blue fading into red.  He said it was like the Force on one side and the Dark Side on the other.  

This is the original fabric I used to make all the blocks.

My quilt holders keeping warm during the photo shoot.    It was only 45 degrees, but there was a cold wind blowing and Daniel was in his shorts so he wrapped himself up like a burrito.

These are so fun to make.  I love seeing all the different blocks you can get from one piece of fabric.  They should call these quilts One Fabric Wonders!

This one was also on my list for the first quarter of the 2016 Finish-A-Long!
Yay! Finally a finished UFO to cross off the list!!


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Project Quilting Season 7: Week 1 - Confetti

Project Quilting Season 7
Theme: Confetti

A lot of 1/2 inches squares.  1/4 inch sashing.  Measures 20 by 28 inches.

You can VOTE HERE for your favorite project for week one of Season 7.

These next Photos I want to share are from my cell phone. Most were taken very late at night or in the early morning before the sun came up so the lighting isn't great, but they tell a great story of the quilt's Creation.

The idea for the quilt formed gradually. I definitely wanted to use tiny pieces so I settled on that pretty quick. I contemplated using small pieces to make a mosaic picture but I didn't want to have a lot of raw edges.  Then I thought about making a quilt that looked like confetti had landed on it, but dismissed that idea because I wanted to create something more organized.  But confetti isn't organized so I was stumped. In my mind I threw a handful of confetti and watched  it fall trying to come up with an idea. My mind drifted to a piece of artwork my daughter made with crayons and a blow dryer. I knew right then I wanted to create a fabric Version of her piece.
I grabbed my colored scraps and cut 792 one inch sqaures.

Some colors I didn't have enough scraps so I cut a one inch strip from my yardage.

I sewed all the squares to a thin Strip of white and re-trimmed them all.

Next came the creating of Rows.

I always have a kitty Close by.

At this point I really loved the look of the rectangles of color.
I think I might try another Rainbow quilt with rectangles in the future.

The back was looking pretty spiffy.

I paused the the sewing of Rows to get the perfect placement of my Couple.

Back side of the finished top.

Closer view of the back.

I put a sheet of wonder under with black fabic on it in the printer and printed out my couple. I was excited about how well it printed out that I forgot to take a photo of that step.

After the couple was trimmed and ironed on, it was time for quilting vertical lines.
I finished at 11:00 pm Saturday night and took an outside phot this morning.

Trimmed, bound, and completed in one week! Think I'll name it "New Year's Kiss"

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Legendary Quilt

As soon as I saw the Legendary Quilt from Elizabeth Hartman, I knew I had to make it and send it to my Friend in Minnesota.  The pattern uses only one green for the trees, but I wanted to mix it up a bit.  So I pulled out several different greens from my batik stash and started cutting. Fabric selection went pretty quick for this project. Usually that is the hardest part, but it wasn't the case this time. I did have to buy some background fabric though.  I knew I wanted a very light blue and didn't have any in my stash.  Once that came in the mail I was off and sewing.
Once cut, the trees went together pretty quick.  One tree together, 13 more ready for sewing.

When I had them all on the wall I couldn't resist putting a photo of Shia Labeouf in the background. I left him there till my kids came home from school to find him hiding in the woods.
(reference to Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf )

I had to pick up my Jacob from Greenville for Christmas break and knew exactly where I wanted to take a picture with this quilt, at Falls Park on the Reedy in Greenville.

These tree roots are fabulous and huge.  I had Thomas stand next to the quilt. When I first looked at my pictures on the camera it looked like a mini quilt next to some roots. So I wanted a human in the picture so you could tell the actual size.

Quilting was an all over wood grain pattern.

Another shot. Not sure what these old bricks use to be, but they looked cool with part of the waterfall in the background.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Fancy Foxes

I made my first fox this month.

 I combined him with 41 other foxes and then shipped them all to Tennessee.

The pattern is Fancy Foxes by Elizabeth Hartman

I used a jelly roll plus two extra strips from my stash.  Each strip let me cut two foxes.  I only used one of each in this quilt though.  Which leaves me with 42 more foxes.  I plan on turning them into another lap quilt but I want to use the same background fabric, which I had to order more of. It will arrive early January. The background fabric is Architextures Grid Plaid Shadow by Robert Kaufman.  It is my new favorite background color.     

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


Sunday, November 8, 2015

My Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt - Round Four

I decided to enter the world of swapping again.  This time it is mini quilts and all of the activity was on Instagram.  It was a new way to be a part of a swap, but since I love Instagram it was super easy to follow along.  My updates were all done on my quilting Instagram account: quilteddelights, but I want to post them here too.  So this post will be my mini quilt from start to finish.

I was going to make a mini New York Beauty quilt, but I didn't enjoy trying to sew one inch curved seams.  So I chucked all my paper pieces in the trash along with fabric from my first attempted block.  No pictures of that mishap, but it was a relief to trash it and move on to a more feasible and enjoyable project.

I really enjoyed making the Schnibbles Hook pattern last year and wanted to see how it would look in a tiny version.

I love my wonder clips. They helped keep all my hexagons in order.

The mini quilt went together pretty quick.

 All the fabric came from my batik scrap bin.  
Even the background fabrics came from the scrap bin.

It will be landing in its new home this week. 

Size is 11.5 x 12.5 inches.

I hope its new owner loves it as much as me.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tackling a UFO - Paganini

In October of 2010 I cut out enough fabric to make two Paganini quilts.  I completed the first one right on time for nt entry in the "Le Petite - A Year of Small Projects".  The second one has been sitting in a small bin ever since, so I put it on my UFO list for this quarter.  When I opened the bin to work on it again I found that I had a lot of cut triangles and some sashing.

I am please to say I now have a lot of Half Square Triangles with black corners attached
and a bunch of tiny one inch half square triangles for another project. Oh my! Where does the insanity end?!?
The top is coming along nicely. Even with cat tail interference.
 If I work hard at it I might have it done in time for Halloween night.

Check out Sheen on my new humongous ironing board!  I built it last month with wire shelving and a pine board.  It has a lot of padding under that gray fabric so I think Sheen has claimed it as his new napping spot. He is laying on top of another project I am working on, my mini quilt project for the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap.  I have plans to finish that one up early next week.


Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween Haunts Blog Hop

Today is the start of the Halloween Haunts Blog Hop. 
I am happy to be one of the bloggers who get to kick off the festivities.

For this hop I decided to dig into my stash of Halloween Fabrics and I made three different items.
First up,  I got out my old packs of Haunted Mansion by Moda and mixed it with a little bit of Kona solids in Snow and Pewter and whipped up this spiffy little quilt.
I used the Scnibble pattern Brocante and made it a wee bit bigger so I could drape it over the couch.

If you are having trouble finding a great Halloween pattern, take your favorite regular pattern and use Halloween fabrics.  It will turn out fabulous!

I love this backing fabric.  I found it on sale at Hobby Lobby and knew it would be perfect for backing some of my Halloween projects.  

Next up I used some of my Connecting Threads Rest In Pieces fabric and made a table runner for my front room. The pattern is a freeby and is called The Easy Christmas Table Runner.  Of course I altered the fabrics for something a little more spooky. 

My last item is really 8 items.  I made 8 small Treat Totes. I love making these little gift bags.
The pattern is from Happy Zombie and you can find the pattern here.
 I used several different Halloween Scraps for these tiny totes.  They whip up super fast!

All they need now is some candy to fill them up.

Make sure you check out the other hoppers today!

Also the Fat Quarter Shop is hosting a Give Away every day of the hop. 
Check it out!  Most days the giveaway only lasts one day.  But on Friday's they last the whole weekend.
 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Haunting!