Thursday, March 14, 2024

Stretched Pinwheels and Free Templates

Check out my new Stretched Pinwheel quilt!
It's a fun smaller quilt measuring 66 inches x 48 inches.

 I still had some end pieces left over from my Lugnuts quilt, so I trimmed them up using my Creative Grids 60 degree ruler and started playing around and ended up with this cute quilt.  

Keep reading to see how I put it together. The link for the free templates is at the bottom.

The odd shapes I had left over weren't wide enough to cut into full triangles, so I cleaned them up into longer triangles.  Similar to what you would have if you cut a rectangle in half on the diagonal. 

I was able to get 23 triangles that had the angles going in the same direction.

 I fiddled around and decided to see what they would look like as pinwheels.  They looked pretty good, 

I needed a little more background fabric compared to traditional pinwheels made with Half Square Triangles and when I sewed them together I felt like there was too much white staring me in the face.

So I cut off the opposite corners at the same angle as the pinwheels and...

Added some bright green triangles.  Pink and Green are always a good color combo!

I needed one more triangle cut on the correct angle, so I sewed some smaller halves to make the last triangle I needed. I can't even notice it is mismatched from far away.

I wanted the finished quilt to be a wee bit bigger so I added some 2 inch sashing and a few borders.

The green inner border measures 1 inch finished, and the outer border is 4 inches.

I had more triangles cut on the opposite diagonal and made two more blocks.  This angle made the pinwheels spin in the other direction and didn't look right on the front, so I put them on the back.

Most times, I design a quilt in EQ8 and then make it, but this time I made the quilt first and then drew it up in EQ8.

I wanted to be able to easily see what it would look like in other color ways and to see how it would look with solid triangles.   It was fun to play around with.

 There are many ways to alter the colors and come up with different looks.

Click the image below for a free template to make your own blocks.  The templates makes one 8.5 inch section of the block.  You will need to make four sections to create one pinwheel block.

Happy Sewing!


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