Sunday, January 15, 2023

Unicorn One Block Wonder - Finished

I finished this one a while ago but never got around to blogging about, so I am doing it now.  The top was finished June 2021 for the Fairy Tale Blog Hop.

I finished quilting it several months later in December, but never got a good picture of it. It's a big one so I needed two quilt holders, but my extra quilt holders were off at college.

When they got home in the spring I got some good pictures before I gifted it to my Sister, but then my phone broke and the pictures sat in the broken phone for a awhile and then slipped my mind.

I remembered them the other day and that I still needed to post the finished pictures so I sat down and got everything transferred off the broken phone.

I did an all over free hand swirly flower design for the quilting.  
The prints are so busy that custom quilting wouldn't really show up well.

I love how the panel melds into the hexagons! 

This quilt is a biggie. The panel was a full 36 inch panel and I used every hexagon. 

I even created a few extras hexagons by sewing two end scraps to make new triangles.

I had fun with all the different colored hexagons.

It was fun  designing the layout.

The backing used up more of my Stash. Again, this one was big so it has two strip sets in the back.

You can see the quilting a little better on the back.

This quilt now happily resides in Washington State.

Happy Quilting!


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