Monday, January 30, 2023

Quilt for Joyce

I finished this quilt at the beginning of January, but was waiting for it to be delivered to its new owner before showing it off. 

At the end of December my neighbor asked if I could make a quilt for her sister's 80th birthday which was coming up in January.

I told her I didn't have time to make a brand new quilt from scratch, but if she'd be interested in one of my UFOs I could finish one of those for her and have it ready in time for her Sister' birthday.

She picked out this older UFO and asked if I could make it a little bigger and piece her sister's name at the top.  I told her no problem.  I took apart the blocks and added a two inch sashing between them.  I needed to undo the top right corner anyway because one of the blocks was sewn in sideways which was the reason this one became a UFO in the first place. It got put in time out and then stayed there.

This quilt originally started in 2016 as part of a bee hive swap.
The block is called Shine Bright by Ms. Midge Quilting.

I pieced the name and added two large pinwheels in each side to balance things out.  I did have a row of pinwheels on the very bottom of the quilt too, but that made the quilt way longer than it was wide, so I took those off. 

The pattern for the letters come from Wayne Kollingers Sketchbook. I made them six inches tall and they sewed up pretty quick.

I made some Frankenbatting from two big left over pieces of Hobbs Premium cotton batting and got to quilting.

There wasn't a lot of time for custom quilting so this one got a fast swirly meander.

I think it turned out pretty good and I got an old UFO checked off my list and the new owner loved it!

Happy Quilting!


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