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Shades of Blue: Sew It - Show It Blog Hop


Welcome to day three of the Shades of Blue Sew It - Show it Challenge. 
Hosted by Carla of Creatin' in the Sticks.

 This Bargello quilt was planned and in progress and then I halted everything to make the pink one for Project Quilting week 2.  This blue one was going together so quick, and I had just received the perfect pink precut in my Island Batik Ambassador box, so I decided to pause this and make a smaller pink version.  After the pink one was finished I got back to this one and finished it up in time to show off today.

I definitely have a lot of blue fabric, from yardage to scraps.  It seems to be every where, you'd think I'd have more red, since that is my favorite color, but nope, blue takes the prize around here.  The challenge for me was what pile of blue to tackle:  the string bin, the larger scrap bin, yardage, or precuts. 

I decided to go with one of my precuts.  This one is Starry Night, by Island Batik.  I purchased this one a few years ago with the intent to make a Bargello quilt out of it.  Strip packs are perfect for Bargello quilts.  I wanted some extra whites to go with it, so I pulled out some of my neutral Island Batik Yardage and cut extra 2.5 inch strips.

This precut was nice because it had two of every print.  That made it easy for me to make two identical strip panels.  I picked a nice layout, sewed all the strips side by side, and then sewed up the last seam to make a tube. I labeled one A and the other B.    All the "A" seams were pressed one way and the "B" seams were pressed the opposite way.  That way all my seams would nest perfectly together when sewing the columns together.  I did this with the goal to avoid pinning. 

The tubes were really big, so I had to fold them in half to cut my strips. I was a little worried that things would get wonky that way, but it turned out great.

 I designed the quilt to use the entire strip set with minimal fabric left over.  I didn't' want to have a wide scrappy strip set left over and not know what to do with it.   I did give myself a few inches in my calculations in case I cut something wrong.  It turned out great.  These two pieces are all I had left, which isn't too bad and they can be easily taken apart and put in the scrap bins.

I was able to avoid pins for the most part, but I must have wiggled the ruler on one of the white prints when I cut it.  For some reason that row was a wee bit bigger than it needed to be.  Pinning and fudging was needed for that part.  It turned out ok in the end though because you can't even tell.

This quilt is 80 inches long.  When I designed it was thinking about using 2 full strip sets, I wanted 40 neutral strips to go with the 40 blue strips.  I ended up taking out two neutrals, but then added a skinny border so I was back at 80 inches.  If I use yardage again in the future I can take out some of the white rows to make it a little shorter.    The width came out to be 67 inches.  So it is 13 inches longer than it is wide. 

I even used up some of my blue stash for the backing.

For the quilting, I picked  particular prints and followed those up and down with a squiggly line. 

I based the feathers and swirls off those lines.

I used Hobbs Premium Cotton batting on the inside.  A queen size bag was the perfect length.

I was going to quilt the white areas with white thread and the blue areas with dark blue thread, but I was out of white, so I went with a pastel blue for the whole thing.  Turned out to be a good choice.

Now its time for quilt picture overload. lol!

If I got off track with the quilting I just threw in an extra swirl and got back on track.

The sun sure shows off the quilting!

I was watching the live version of Beauty and the beast while quilting this one up, so when I look at it I start singing, "There goes the baker with his tray like always...."

Quilting looks lovely on the back too.

Makes me think of the Ocean just a little.

I also played around in EQ8 and made a mock up using the the new Island Batik line coming out in February called Double Dutch by Kathy Engle for Sarah Fabian of Quilt Basket.  I also put in some of the Island Batik Basic Neutrals.  This version has a nice denim feel to me.

Thanks for stopping by to see my blue creation.

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  1. Wow, what a creation! It's beautiful, and leaves my mind reeling.I've never gotten my head round the tube sewing and cutting. Keep on having such a great time iwht your work.

  2. Bargello quilts are so beautiful and fun to make. But that! That really stole the show! Beautiful job!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous! I love the design you used--the colors work perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gorgeous quilt and quilting! I love the back too!

  5. Your blue Bargello quilt is stunning!

  6. Amazing quilt! I have on my bucket list to make a bargello quilt. It's beautiful.

  7. What a delightful quilt. You made a fabulous quilt and the layout is perfectly wonderful. What can I say about your backing - it's so darn pretty that it makes the quilt double sided. We are always too fussy about our quilting - most times I can't even find a problem that I thought would show when I was finished. Enchanting...

  8. Beautiful Blue Bargello quilt!!! LOVE it!!! You're certainly on a Bargello roll!!! And you're tempting me to make a bargello with my IB strip sets ... very tempting!!

  9. WOW, that's all I can say. Just WOW!

  10. Oh, Wow! Stunning bargello blues - the colors, the quilting, the setting - so lovely!

  11. This is gorgeous! I've only made one Bargello quilt, but now you have me wanting to make another one. From fabrics to quilting, this is beautiful!

  12. That is one stunning quilt, just for the colors alone. I stopped the minute it came up on top of the post and just feasted my eyes on it. LOL Your freehand on the longarm is also beautiful, and that's one thing I love about freehand, that you can throw in an extra swirl and get back on track if you get off. No one ever knows, and feathers of all kinds are very forgiving. Beautiful, and the darker blues at the bottom in the mock up will be great, too.

  13. Turned out great!! I have never made a bargello quilt, will have to try it!

  14. Oh, Leah, you always knock my socks off and this one truly does. WOW, your quilting makes this bargello quilt sing. I loved your pink one, but I have to say the use of the neutrals in this one really has me intrigued. I'm so inspired. Beautiful!

  15. Beautiful. And thank you for the details on construction.

  16. Wonderful! I can't believe you made two bargello quilts in a week, well maybe not in a week but you know what I mean. This blue is gorgeous. It is funny that I have helped people make one, but never made my own. I think the time is coming!

  17. Wowza! This is gorgeous, and your quilting is beyond lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Stunning quilt! What a lot of work. Your quilting design is beautiful.

  19. That is an awesome bargello quilt! 'Love the colors of blue.

  20. That quilt and quilting is heavenly. And those fabrics...I love them.

  21. Gorgeous! I'm working on a bargello now too, yours is just lovely!