Saturday, January 21, 2023

Pink Tint - Project Quilting 14.2

The theme for week two of Project Quilting is Pink Tint.  Some shade of pink was supposed to dominate the project.  I think I got that covered!

In my most recent Island Batik Ambassador box, I ended up getting a precut that was perfect for this project.  Strip sets dedicated to the color pink!  Come back Monday to see all the other goodies in my box when I post a little video of the Island Batik fabrics I get to work with this year.

These are pink gradients from the Island Batik Foundation Prints.  You can get these all the time and can always find one that matches well with their new fabrics lines coming out.

The idea for this project came from a similar project I am working on.  This one is just a smaller version.  My other one was sewing up so fast, I knew I could knock out a smaller version in a week for sure!  

Bargello quilts are super quick to make, they look way more difficult than they really are. 
First you sew all your strips together in one big tube...

Then you cut various size strips from the tube.  That is if your cat will let you.

This is Carl,  he decided these pinks were the perfect place to lounge.

After I got Carl to move, I cut out all the strips and stacked them in order.  I only used half the strip pack for this quilt.  Which means you can get two small quilts from one strip pack!  

I cut the borders from my Island Batik Yardage.

The piecing was so quick, I had time this week to do some free motion quilting. 
Something other than swirls this time around.

I played around with some feathers and swirls.  

I followed some of the pinks playing around with the needle drawing what ever felt fun.

So many pretty pinks!  I love this precut.  It's nice to have everything picked out and already cut for you.  Specially when its Project Quilting week!

Quilt measures 52 x 41.

Happy Quilting!



  1. Oh, this is beautiful. What a great sized quilt to get done in a week and with stunning quilting to boot!

  2. This is so awesome!!! Beautiful 😻

  3. And so is Carl!!!

  4. Your bargello quilt is gorgeous! What a great idea to use the gradient pack of pre-cut strips.

  5. I'm in awe of your mad piecing and quilting skills! You even manager to finish your PQ14.2 entry in spite of your studio assistant's persistent attempts to capture all of the attention needed to focus on the quilt. Well done!

  6. Love your process and the quilting is so good. WOW, Leah, I love it - but I always love what you do.

  7. What a beauty! From the fabulous array of pinks to the awesome quilting this is just such a great quilt! I haven't "bargello-ed" before, but I need to, for sure!

  8. That is gorgeous and hooray for getting it done in one week! The kitty was obviously a big help - not.

  9. This is absolutely stunning! Incredible work!

  10. You do amazing freehand work on your Bernina. That's pretty in pink, too, but the blue one stopped me in my tracks!

  11. I love your quilts! They are all beautiful!