Tuesday, April 6, 2021

We Support You - UFO Finished!

 It feels good to finish a UFO! This project was started as part of a blog hop in February of 2015. You can read the original post HERE.

What caused this one to be delayed for so long was the applique. I needed to stitch it down and that always seemed like a "chore" so I kept putting it at the bottom of my to do list.

Some UFOs you forget about but this one was always in the back of my mind begging me to finish it, after all I had a recipient I wanted to give it to.  What finally put a fire under me was an opportunity to save $20 in shipping.  My son is flying out in a couple weeks for school and his Aunt will pick him up.  The quilt is for her. So to save on shipping,  I planned to put it in his suitcase.

That gave me a deadline. The quilt had to be finished before April 16. So at the end of March I pulled it out of the box where it was safely stored and got to work sewing down the applique. It wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be.  I broke it up into two days and even sewed on another quilt inbetween.  

Once everything was stitched down I got to quilting. I usually load my quilts longways on the frame so I don't have to roll it as much so I did the same with this one, but after I started the quilting I realized it would have been easier to loaded it the other way. That way I could have quilted one whole row without rolling it. Lesson learned for the future. 

I like the way the quilting turned out. I quilted what ever struck me at the moment. Swirls, feathers, and even some pebbles. Was good practice for the designs I still feel uncomfortable with. When they get thrown in with everything else it looked pretty good. Couldn't even tell I was practicing.

It feels good to have this finished and ready for gifting! Happy Quilting!



  1. Oh my....I have a single bra wall hanging top that I did in the same blog hop that I haven’t finished yet!

    Your quilt is stunning.

  2. Isn't it a great feeling to cross these quilts that weigh on our minds off the UFO list?? Great job, Leah!