Sunday, April 25, 2021

Three Zipper Pouches


A quick finish,  three zipper pouches.

After I was done making my Island Batik Bargello placemats in January I had this small strip piece left over and wanted to use it up.  It was about 21 inches long. I figured I could cut it down and get two zipper pouches out of it. 

There are lots of cute zipper pouch tutorials on the web, but I used the one by Jedi Craft Girl. I like the way she adds the zippers with fabric on the ends.

I did alter her dimensions a bit though to fit my 21 inch strip. Her tutorial calls for a 9 x 6.5 inch piece for the outer fabric, I cut mine 9.5 x 5.25 to use up the whole strip without any leftovers.

I had to cut three strips off each section to get to 9.5 inches wide. That left me with 4 little sections of three inch strips.  I realized if I combined them I could have two more front sections with six strips each.

So I sewed those together and got enough sets to make three pouches.

They turned out a little shorter than most pouches since I altered the height by over an inch, but they are perfect size for colored pencils or make up.

I added a little pull tab on two of them. After I sewed the first one without it I felt they needed one.

I added some cute charms on the zippers for fun.

These were quick to sew up and used leftovers that normally sit for years waiting to be turned into something else.

It was also nice to work on a quick finish in between some of my larger quilt projects. 



  1. Love these! Ready for summer...just right for lip balm, keys, sunglasses, change for snowcone!

  2. I love those charms! Cute pouches!