Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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After finishing up Mr Mayor I started the quilting on Shirt Quilt #3. I finished it up and put the binding on yesterday morning.  I wanted to take a photo yesterday, but it was raining all day. I thought it was going to rain again all day toady too, but the sun finally came out this afternoon.

I did some big loops in each of the 4 patches.  The single patch got some smaller loops.

I did some meandering in the white sections and then wondered if I should have done something a little more fancy. But then I turned the quilt to the back and realized the meandering is perfect.

I love the back and how it looks like a totally different quilting design than it does from the front.

This makes three of the 6 shirt quilts finished.  And to give myself some extra work, I started a 7th top this morning.  I had enough squares to make 35 pinwheel blocks.  When I get further along on those I will post photos.

This makes finish #14 for the year.


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  1. This quilt is beautiful! A wonderful job of piecing and quilting! Yay you!