Tuesday, July 26, 2022

UFO Blog Hop - Flowery OBW


I was excited to join the UFO blog hop this month hosted by Joan of Moose Stash Quilting. It inspired me to finish up this One Block Wonder that has been in progress since 2019.  It is made from seven different panels, six cut up and one left as is for the center.

I have a long list of UFOs... not sure I'm ready to announce the actual number here yet. Lol, let's just say I suffer from Quilters ADD. I'm easily distracted by new ideas and projects. 

I will say as of now I have 7 more One block Wonders in different stages of progress.
Some are still waiting to get their hexies sewn and another one is waiting for quilting. 
There are also a few more waiting to be cut up. What can I say, when those awesome panels go on sale super cheap I can't pass that up.

I went through several different layout ideas till I found the layout I loved.  There was a lot of late night sewing for this one, hence the different lighting in this photo.

I like to take pictures as the layout comes together so I can see if anything looks off. 
That is one of the most fun parts for for me, trying to decide what goes where.

Once everything is in its place its time to sew the rows together.  

I like to sew two rows at a time to save thread.
Sometimes I will sew another project in between to have less thread clipping.  That is another reason I have more than one One Block Wonder going.  Sometimes I like to sew hexagons of another OBW while piecing the rows of another one.  

This part usually goes pretty fast when I do two rows at a time.
I tried three at a time once, but then I forgot what pile I was on and messed everything up.
With two piles I seem to do pretty good.

I like to press all my seams open for these.  Makes it easier to quilt later on.

Fitting the panel in is sometimes tricky. I always have to cut a wee bit of it off, but after all is said and done I can't remember which part is gone.  I appliqued half of some of the hexies that overlapped the panel to help everything blend in.

I use lots of pins when sewing the rows together.  It helps keep the points somewhat matching.
I love these thin tulip pins. They are my favorite!

I made the back for this one a while ago and together the top and the back have been sitting in the UFO pile just waiting to be paired with some batting and quilted.

This month, thanks to the UFO hop, it was time to get it out of the closet and into the light of day.

I quilted it with pink thread.  I didn't want a dark color over the pink flowers, so I decided pink would be good.  I did wonder if it would be ok for the black, but as soon as I started it looked fantastic.  I quilted a meander swirl and feather.  Just what ever came to mind at the time.  For the panel in the center I did try to follow the lines of the leaves and flowers, but it was very loose.  

I pulled some older floral prints for the back of this one.  Again with the stripe backing.  
Stripes help me use up the left over scraps and smaller pieces I have in my stash.

This is my ninth completed One Block Wonder.

Be sure to visit all the other blog hoppers today to see what UFOs they are showing off!
Could be real spaceships with aliens or loved UFOs finally getting their time to shine.

Happy Sewing!



  1. What a gorgeous quilt and backing! It is absolutely beautiful. So glad that you shared it with us all.

  2. That is beautiful well done, I have a floral piece ready to make a one block wonder but it's way down the line, get moving on the other 7 and don't forget to share pictures

  3. I love OBWs and yours is amazing!! I have one with panels in progress. Well done!!!

  4. Knock me off my chair...yep that's what you did to me this morning. What can I say other than S P E C T A C U L A R !!! Where is that book that I've never opened? I really need to find it! Thanks for sharing your beauty with us.

  5. Your quilt is absolutely stunning! That looks so complicated to construct and you did it masterfully!

  6. Beautiful! I love OBW quilts and have made just one so far but used fabric I had on hand. I am not a fan of panels but they might be what I look for when I want to make another OBW. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Congratulations on the absolutely gorgeous finish! Great work!

  8. Fantastic, beautiful, gorgeous, awesome quilt!! Wow, wow, wow!!

  9. This is gorgeous! I love how you arranged it and the colors are beautiful. Two of my friends made one of these during our quilt retreat, but I didn't take it on. Maybe I will after seeing yours!

  10. Wow and more wow! Well done! :)

  11. I love your finished 1 block wonder. The colors are so pretty and really set off the design of the fabric. You must be a professional for enjoying to make this pattern over and over.
    It really turned out well. Hooray! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  12. Lovely!! I have never wanted to make them, but I sure do enjoy seeing what others make, nice work.

  13. Beautiful OBW! And congratulations on a fabulous finish!

  14. Beautiful finish. You must be ecstatic, I know I would be. Getting things done at the height of vacation time is super difficult.Congratulations

  15. Truely spectacular! I just love it. You had to do a lot of finagling to get that all to fit together and it looks pretty flat from this end too! Thanks for sharing. Just lovely!

  16. OMG, it's gorgeous. Congrats on a fantastic UFO finish!!!

  17. I love your quilt! I have a OBW waiting to be quilted with a panel, but trying to fit the panel and the overlapping blocks was more than a challenge for me. On mine it was so obvious when my overlapping in a couple of areas just didn't work. If I ever quilt it I will need to add something over those parts as they stick out like a sore thumb! I started my panel OBW about 5 years ago and kept getting frustrated with it and put it in time out, lol! Maybe I should just finish it, even though it looks awful. I had the hardest time trying to figure out how the blocks would fit along the sides or top. If it fit nicely on the top the sides didn't work, and visa versa, so I ripped it out a lot. I am drooling over your gorgeous quilt! Fantastic job!

  18. I love your finished project. I always think these look so nice, but I know I'd end up adding it to my UFO pile!

  19. That quilt is STUNNING!! I'm new to your blog and was wondering if that was all paper piecing, so thanks for the in-progress photos. Just gorgeous and congrats on finishing a UFO! It's inspiring. As soon as I get back from vacation, I'm going to finish at least one .

  20. I love the way you arranged this OBW! I have made 2 OBWs using the very same panels as yours but chose not to put a panel in the center--now I wish I had. I have my 4th OBW in progress--needed a break from all of these by doing other projects. So glad you shared yours! It is gorgeous!

  21. OMG! This quilt is running! Thank you for sharing your process! Good job on getting such a beautiful UFO finished. 😉

  22. Wow your OBW quilt is amazing! I love the way you've worked the blocks around a panel. It's all so effective! Well done on completing it for the hop.