Saturday, June 16, 2012


I spent the June FNSI finishing up my 7th quilt top made from men's shirts.  I didn't do any math for this quilt, I just cut out squares and hoped everything would fit and if it didn't I would fudge it to make it fit. The sides of the checkered outer border fit perfect! But the top and bottom borders were a wee bit too short.  
Instead of adding a couple 2x4 inch rectangles in the top and bottom border, making the those sections look weird, I decided to trim one inch off each side of the vertical inner black border.  That seemed more visibly appealing to me rather than having 10 squares and one rectangle in the top and bottom border.

After I finished the top I decided to work on my Schnibbles for June. I decided to do the 49 patch version and got out my bin that holds 1.5 inch scraps. On the top of the pile was all the leftover green and pink squares I cut out for my I.S.T.H Schnibble project back in February. I didn't count all the leftover squares, but it looks like it might be enough to make the whole quilt out of pink and green.  I got two blocks together before I decided to hit the hay.



  1. Visiting from FNSI and have to say I love your quilt top and those two blocks also look amazing. I find it facinating that you have used shirts for it too. Would be a great and cheap way to recycle too

  2. What a beautiful shirtquilt you're making. Visiting from FNSI.

  3. Love the quilt. I can't believe that it was made from men's shirts. It turned out beautifully.