Saturday, December 20, 2008

Puppies can't sew...

...and neither can I with a little puppy around. :) Santa came early for me this year and brought me a mini dachshund for Christmas. I got him on Wednesday and he is the tiniest little thing. He makes my cats look like giants now. I didn't realize how big my kitties really were till I got this little fellow. We named him Dean. Dean, the doxie. :)

He is just like a little baby, waking up at all hours of the night, wanting to be snuggled. I think he is still missing his litter mates and hope that he soon will sleep throught he night. I thought for sure my sleepless nights were over now that my youngest child is 5 years old. But here they come again. Hopefully they won't last as long as they did with my children.

I haven't been able to do much sewing in the mornings with the puppy around, he is just too cute for me to sit at my sewing machine. Plus I worry about him getting into things, so I have been spending most of my time with the puppy.

When the kids get home from school, they take him from me which gives me a couple hours to do some things, I would rather sew, but kids say they want clean clothes, so I suppose I should do that instead of play on the machine. It is a good thing I have finished my Christmas sewing, because I am having a good time playing with Dean. I do have a few Christmas projects I am still working on, but they are for me, so there is no rush or stress to get them done before christmas. Instead I will sit back and enjoy playing with Dean, my new puppy.


  1. Oh, how sweet - have fun with your puppie! How many cats do you have? What do they say to this new family member?
    Greetings, Gesine

  2. Hey Gesine,

    I have two cats. At first they didn't like the new puppy. They would hiss and leave the room. Now my cats sit at the door of the room and watch him. Sometimes they inch closer to get a sniff of him, but not close enough to touch. I assume after some time they will get use to him being here. So I will let them become friends at their own pace. :)

  3. He looks a cute little chap Leah. Maybe if you make him his own Quilt he will lay on it and let you sew. Have fun with your new family member.

  4. How precious!

    I need to post on my blog about this, but all sugarless gum is poisonous to dogs, so make sure there is none in your house. A friend's dachsund ate some and went into liver failure within hours!

    Love your little baby!

  5. Leah, we've enjoyed 'Pretzel' for nearly 12 years now. She's also a mini dashchund, but sadly is now blind, but gets along fairly well in the house if I don't move anything! You will now be imprinted by dashchund and will probably always have one in your life - I know I will!!
    xox - barbara moore