Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Trees

I made a couple different Christmas tree postcards this week for some different swaps I am in. One I did on my embroidery machine. I like this design because it has fringe incorporated on the edges of the tree rows. After I finished embroidering the design, I added some sparkly gem ornaments and did some freehand quilting around the tree and finished it off with a green zig Zag border.

On the other card I did an applique version of a Christmas tree, added some beaded garland and silver ornaments. I thought a nice shiny gold border would go well with this one to pick up the gold accents in the background fabric. It was fun picking out little ornaments for this small trees.

My kids did most of the decorating of our real tree, so these little ones were all mine to play with.
For some reason though, when I go in the living room I keep finding my cat, Sheen, in the Christmas tree. I'm not sure what the attraction is for him. My other cat could care less about the tree, but Sheen seems to think it is his personal climbing toy...


  1. I just love the post cards! You did great job! I like machine embroidery also. Very relaxing. Sheen looks so cute in the tree.

  2. Hi Leah. Just to let you know that I've received your lovely Christmas Tree postcard with the gold trim around it - it arrived today (19 Dec). I've also posted a message on Arts in the Mail. Many thanks

  3. Lovely post cards! They are so pretty.