Saturday, December 6, 2008

Crazy for Christmas

These Crazy Quilt Christmas cards were made for a Fabricards swap. I made one for each swap partner and one for me. I always have to make an extra for me. ;) These cards look much brighter and the beads are much sparklier in person. I really like the look and feel of them.

I am not sure I am liking my new scanner. I can't get it to scan the images like I want. Parts of them keep coming out blurry, and not as bright as I am use to. My old one was a scanner/printer in one and the scanner was working fine. But then one day the printer part, which has been acting up for over a year, finally decided to go crazy, it kept asking me to take out the cartridge and put it back in. But no matter how many times I did that, and no matter what cartridge I put in there, It kept asking me to remove the cartridge and put it back in. Well I would have been fine just keeping it as a scanner, but as long as I kept getting that cartridge error, I couldn't do anything else with it, I couldn't even use the scanner. So I broke down and got a new scanner/printer. But this new one doesn't scan three dimensional items well. For instance, when I scan these postcards in, the beads come out clear, but other parts are blurry. I think the scanner is focusing on the items in the front and not caring about the stuff in the back. Also, I can't use that nifty trick Janet taught me to get a black background. When I leave the lid up to scan, I just get a fuzzy gray background with a greyed edge image, instead of a nice crisp background. Most frustrating.

Ah well, Maybe I will go back to using my camera. On a happier note though, I am really liking this crazy quilting stuff. I think I am now ready to try it on a bigger project, I just have to decide which project to choose...


  1. Hi, Leah, well, now I'm looking forward even more to this swap - my cards are on their way, too, but not yet on my blog ;-).
    What is this great trick to scan cards with a blakc background? I've always used my camera, but I have a new printer/scanner and would like to try scanning.
    Greetings, Gesine

  2. Great Christmas cards, and very nicely blinged, too. I like your stitching choices.

  3. Gesine, To get a totally black background before, all I would have to do is scan with the lid open. With my new scanner I can't do that though. Maybe I just need to play around some more with the settings. I did read on another web site that if you want a black background, you can scan with the lid up in a very dark room or at night with all the lights off. I tried that and it seemed to work well for me. Can't wait to see your crazy Christmas Cards. Hugs, Leah