Friday, December 5, 2008

Cotton Field

This card was originally made for the "Landscape" postcard swap for ArtsNtheMail. I'm still fairly new to this particular style and I still think I need more practice. I just don't feel that mine ever seem up to par with the ones I receive.

This particular one is my version of the cotton fields around here. When the cotton fields are in bloom, it looks like snow to me and every time the kids and I drive by a cotton field I say, "Wow, look at all that cotton, looks like snow." I think my kids are tired of hearing that. They either go, "Ugggh" or "yeah yeah, looks like snow" before I can finish my sentence.

We don't usually get snow in this part of the world. We did get a big ice storm 5 years ago though. I remember that because it was the first winter in my new house. The ice was so heavy on the trees that it broke hundreds of branches in the neighborhood yanking out power lines as they fell. We were without out power for a couple days. For some reason though, my part of the neighborhood got power back first. A couple blocks down the road still had to wait a couple more days.

Here are some pictures of the Ice Storm of Jan 2004. Even though the clean up took some time, I really enjoyed everything encased in ice. It was very pretty.
My Birch Tree Another side of my Birch Tree
Walking around the Neighborhood My son at the Park
Trees around the Neighborhood
More Trees around the Neighborhood

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