Friday, January 5, 2024

Majestic Mountain - Speakeasy Version


Majestic Mountains - Speakeasy Version

This is the version I made when I was testing my newest pattern, Majestic Mountains.   The top was finished last year, and I had time to quilt it up this past week.

I even made a video that gives some tips on how to make it.  Check it out on my Quilted Delights  YouTube Channel.

You can get the pattern in my shop:

The pattern was on sale till the end of this week, but I am extending the sale for another week in honor of the video release, so go check it out!

For this version I used an older Island Batik fabric line called Speakeasy.  Island Batik strip sets usually have two of each print, which make them perfect for this pattern as you need to sew two identical panels for this the project.

Boonky always lets me know when its time to take a break.

The video gives tips on how I make my strips,

And how to make sure all the seams nest together nicely when sewing rows.

It also shows a wee bit of footage of my furry quilt inspectors.

Avi is having a hard time learning to stay off the quilt while it's on the frame. He knows its the perfect cat hammock, if only he could just get on there...

In the video, I also go over a little on how I start my free hand feathers for quilting.

I am loving the colors. 

 I had some great beige Island Batik foundation prints on hand that matched the fabric line.

I used a tan thread for the quilting. It blends in with the neutrals and isn't too bright on the dark fabrics.

It was a cloudy day at the park for photos.

All the leaves and grass were brown,

but it matched the quilt perfectly.

If you make the pattern tag me on your social media! I'd love to see it!

Happy Sewing!


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  1. I love all the versions of this you have shown! I have helped quilters make them, but never have made my own...maybe this will be my bed quilt...a new one is needed!