Sunday, March 5, 2023

Project Quilting 14.5 - Sew NOT a Square

Sew NOT a Square for week five of project Quilting.

This was was pretty easy for me.  I like sewing triangles. 

I had bought a Half Rectangle die recently from AccuQuilt and this helped out my scraps super quick.

They sewed together pretty quick and since there were no do ears to trim off that helped speed things up.

I cut out enough to make 160 triangles, when playing with the layout I decided to add a few more.

Again, I cut these out super fast.

The top went together pretty quick.  Just had to sew rows of rectangles.

I did ribbon quilting all over. I had a little extra time than normal this week, so I did some stitch in the ditch too.

I had a flower print in my stash the perfect length of the top and had most of the colors in the front so I used that for the back.

I am loving the texture from the quilting.

Morning sunshine sure shows off the quilting.

Ok, so I'm staring at this quilt ... when you sew two rectangles together it makes a squares.  ACK!  
I'm going to pretend I didn't' see that.  
Besides, the quilt was sewn with triangles... so I'm still going with I didn't sew any squares...

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Happy Quilting!



  1. Great interpretation! I just see rectangles. I have a HRT die also. Do you just cut the fabrics folded? To get equal numbers of the left and right slants? I’m trying always to get a donation quilt from my challenges. @stephanie.sinden

    1. Thanks so much, yes, I cut the fabrics folded to get equal left and right slants.

      I worked on this a little bit each day after work and was able to get it done in a week. Can finish it even faster if you do some meander quilting and leave out the stitch in the ditch. It really goes together pretty quick.

  2. Gorgeous challenge entry!! That reminds me... I have a half-rectangle triangle template floating around here somewhere. I haven't come across it since our move. Do you think it's time to start unpacking more studio boxes? Thanks for the nudge, as I really like your quilt!

  3. I love how this looks! great work ;) I need to try these half rectangle blocks out!