Monday, October 25, 2021

Halloween Chevron Quilts

I am happy to say I finished these two quilts in time for Halloween! 
They did not get stuck in the UFO pile. Yay! 

There were some spooky decorations downtown to take some photos with!
Where do you even find a spider this big?!

They make a nice couple sitting on the bench together. 

I made this top first...

And this one second.

The backings were made in the opposite order.

I was going to use this back with the first top I made, but after I sewed it together, I felt this back needed a little more green in its top, so I made the second top just for this backing.

Then I pieced this backing for the first top.  It fits a lot better with the orange and black top.

When piecing my backings, I find one print in my stash that is long enough to stretch the length of the quilt, then I cut it in half right down the center, or sometimes a little off center.

I fill in the middle with different strips.  The width of  the quilt will determine the size of the strips and how many strips will go in the middle.  These two quilts are small, so only had to cover about ten extra inches.  For this one, two 2 inch black strips and a 6 inch orange strip for the center fit nicely.

This Hobbs Black batting was fun to use.  It is always strange butting black batting on the machine at first since I don't use it as often, but I must say, it made it even spookier when quilting it up and when I was adding the binding. It was fun to see black peaking out instead of white. 

I quilted them both quilts the same way,  wavy zig zag lines that followed the zigs and zags.
Was easier and quicker than trying to do straight lines and keep them straight.

I'll be taking one of these to the family Halloween party. Who ever wins the the Halloween Party games I have planned will win the quilt!

At the family Fourth of July party this summer I brought a jar full of red, white, and blue M&Ms.  Who ever guessed the closest to the number of M&Ms in the jar won a 4th of July Quilt.  

Later on at the party, I was thinking it would be fun to have a challenge at each family get together and give a quilt away.  I wasn't the only one thinking it either,  my brother-in-law mentioned it would be a fun tradition for someone to win a quilt at each party.  He suggested "feats of strength" for the next get together, but I think I might go for something more like "minute to win it" this time around.

Happy Haunting!



  1. Oh!! Such beautiful quilts and colors! The one with green looks like it's glowing, awesome :)

  2. Pretty quilts and I love your pieced backings.