Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween Half Square Triangle Quilt


I squeezed more more Halloween quilt in before it was time to Trick or Treat!

Even had time to take it down town to visit with the resident Skeletons.

Even Skeletons need quilts too.

This quilt went together pretty quick.  I was putting away the Halloween scraps from my previous two Halloween quilts thinking I was done with these till next year and then I saw two different Halloween charm packs.  I couldn't remember why I bought just one of each.  I usually get two charm packs so I have enough for a good sized quilt.

I wasn't sure what to do with one pack of each.  They did have similar coloring though, so I decided to combine them and make one quilt. Then I realized one pack only had 24 charms, so I added some extra squares from my yardage to get a full 42 charms for the second pack.  I also had two charm packs of Moda Grunge in Black and decided to turn all four packs into 168 Half Square Triangles.

The half square triangles sewed up super fast with chain piecing.  I probably spent more time squaring up the half square triangles than I did piecing the whole top, but it was worth it to have mostly matching points.

I quilted swirls and stars in orange thread, even over the black.  
I am loving how it turned out!

I used up another Halloween print for the back, with a stripe in the center.
I have lots of bat prints on the front, so the bat flying in the photo was perfect.

Down town Lake City has some pretty fun Halloween Decorations.
Can't wait to see what they add next year.

Happy Halloween!



  1. Kudos to getting another Halloween quilt made just in the nick of time :) Beautiful! Love your decor' :)

  2. What a pretty and large quilt. Great work.