Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A Piece of ... Island Batik Blog Hop

Today is the last day of the "A Piece of ..." blog hop, hosted by Island Batik fabrics, and I am excited to show off my creation.

 The hop has been showcasing the new Island Batik fabric lines that will be hitting quilt shops now and in the next couple months.

I was sent the Tweet collection earlier this year and of course that made me want to sew something  bird related.

I also wanted a pattern that would show off as many of the the 32 different fabrics I was sent.

I went with the Arctic Feathers pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.  She also has a brand new pattern called Pretty Birds that I am want to use my left over Tweet fabric with.  I want to make the full version of Pretty Birds which requires 40 different fabrics, so I will have to supplement some Island Batik Basics to go with my Tweets.  Look for that project near the beginning of 2020.

For the pieces of these feathers, I used all the fabric I was sent except for four of the blacks.
One of the blacks I used for binding and the last three will have to go in another project in the future.

  For the background I used the solid gray which was also sent in the Ambassador boxes that came this year.  I had been waiting for the right project to use this solid gray batik and these feathers were perfect. The gray is just right for the dark prints and perfect for the light prints too.  It blends well with all the different colors.

I quilted it using Aurifil 50wt grey thread. 
I used this thread on my last ambassador project as well.
It runs super smooth in my machine.

I also love how the thread has a tiny shine to it.  Not super shiny like embroidery thread, but just enough to make the quilting look fabulous.

For the batting I used the Hobbs Heirloom Premium 80/20 Bleached Cotton Blend Batting that came in my Ambassador box.  It is good for white or very light colored fabrics to keep them nice and bright. A lot of the Tweet fabrics are already bright or darker, but I wanted to make sure the light grey background and the lighter yellows would stay nice and bright.

Make sure to check out  Jennifer Thomas today as well. She will also be showing off her Tweet project.  And if you missed any of the others check them out below.  They have all shown off some fantastic quits the past two weeks!

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  1. Your colorful feathers are amazing, Leah! This is a kind of project I would like to make, also. Beautiful quilting and fantastic photos!

  2. Oh, Leah, this is so perfect for the fabric collection. Love this collection and your quilt.

  3. Very pretty Leah. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great job and great colors you got lucky to play with...

  5. What a perfect quilt to show off this collection and thread!

  6. Great post! I love your quilt and how our two Tweet quilts are so different from each other. Funny that we used the same batting, too.

  7. Lovely quilt--your pattern is so different and shows off the fabrics perfectly!

  8. Your feathers are stunning!!!!!! What a great match of fabrics and pattern. Absolutely brilliant!

  9. Last but certainly not least! What a gorgeous quilt. Love the grey background. It's perfect.

  10. Just wonderful and the background is perfect!

  11. Love your feathers!!! The fabrics are perfect for this pattern!

  12. Wow, I love love love it. :-) Well done