Thursday, June 20, 2019

One Block Wonder - Blue Heron Panel

This is my second One Block Wonder using a panel 

I saw this Panel made into a OBW on the One Block Wonder Quilt Forum Facebook Group and knew I had to make one.

 The first panel I used last fall on the Halloween OBW  had a border around the panel.
This time I wanted to skip the border and have the hexagons blend with the panel. 

I cut my original strips 2 3/4 inches and got a lot of small hexagons to work with. 
I used almost all of them for this quilt.

Finding the perfect layout took quite a while.  

I had it up on the design wall for a long time and moved hexagons around several times till I found a layout that spoke to me.

I pressed all the seams open. 
Makes it lay flatter and easier to quilt.

For the quilting, I wanted to carry the design elements from the panel into the hexagons.  

I used the quilting to follow the curve of the clouds on through to the hexagons. For the rest of the panel I traced the bird and the lilies in with the thread.

The rest of the hexagons got an all over flower meander.

These One Block wonder quilts are addicting.  
I have already purchased fabric to make a couple more.

 With this one finished I can cross one item off my list for the second quarter Finish-A-Long for 2019.  Yay! I finally have a UFO finished off my list for the first time in a long time.  Each quarter I usually work a little on a lot of them, but never finish one.  So I'm super excited to have one completed!!  This one was started in December of 2018 and I finished it, complete with label and hanging sleeve, in June 2019.



  1. Wow, that is just amazing! I can imagine that it would take a long time to get the right layout for the blocks but you have certainly accomplished it. And the quilting makes the panel blend with the blocks perfectly. So, so beautiful.

  2. Beautiful! And what a great idea to combine with a panel. You did a fabulous job with the layout and all your thread stitching is great too.

  3. This is spectacular! My question is however did you find a fabric to complement the panel?

    1. the rest of the hexies ARE from the panel. Buy 7, one for the center, the rest are stacked and cut into the one block wonder hexies

  4. SPECTACULAR in every way! WOW.

  5. SPECTACULAR in every way! WOW.

  6. Your work is Excellent! I too have started doing One Block Wonders with panels and find it to be exhilarating yet time consuming. Placing the blocks is truly an art of the heart. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  7. Maybe a silly question, but how did you get the hexies to "blend" into the panel? Applique? Precision cutting of panel in a chevron and Y-seams?

    (I can't find this anywhere online, and I love this look.)