Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mondo Bags in Progress

After finishing up my Slide Show quilt I went to my Q2 Finish A-Long list to pick a new project to finish up. I decided to go with the Mondo bags.  I have some packages I want to mail out and it would be great to be able to have the Mondo bags ready so they can go in the boxes as well.
Each bag uses 208 squares.  I had most of them already cut so I only had to cut a few charm squares to get the remaining squares I needed for all three bags.  I made some good progress, but finishing them up will have to wait a bit since my machine is shoved in a corner and inaccessible.

I spent yesterday pulling up the old carpet in my sewing room which means the sewing machine has to go on vacation for a bit till things get put back together.  Hubby and I will be laying new floor in the evenings when he gets off work.  It shouldn't take too long... I hope.  :)


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