Friday, February 14, 2014

Ice Storm and a Quilt

I can't believe we had two winter storms within two weeks of each other.
Seldom do we get one winter storm, but two and so close together... Why that is unheard of in these parts.


There was no snow this time.  At least not for our neighborhood. 30 miles north got 6 to 8 inches of snow.  All we got was freezing rain.

And with tree branches falling all over the neighborhood from the weight of the ice, we ended up losing power.

We lost power at 3:30 pm on Wednesday and didn't get it back till after 7pm on Thursday.

Some of our neighbors got their power back this morning.  Others are still waiting.
Shouldn't be too long for the rest of the neighborhood though.  All the ice is gone and they sky is a beautiful blue.  Other than all the branches down throughout the neighborhood no one would know we just had a spectacular ice storm.

While the first of the ice was coming down, I finished the binding on this quilt.

It is one of the UFO's on my Finish A-Long list.  It is a Schnibble pattern called Dimestore.
 It is also my February Finish for "A Lovely year of Finishes".  I quilted it using my current favorite design of swirls and feathers.

I put this quilt as my February finish because I had plans for it to go to a friend this month and wanted to make sure it got done on time.

It got done on time, but the ice had different plans for me delivering it on time.

Everything shuts down here when there is ice. Even the Wal-Mart was closed.

Everything sure is beautiful encased in ice, but it sure does cause a lot of havoc.

My poor Birch tree will never be the same.

The ice was just too thick for a lot of trees.



  1. It is still wet, and very windy in the south west of England,,,Love the pictures,, and what else is there to do but sew! Nice quilt.

  2. I'm so sorry that your region experienced such a devastating ice storm. But on the positive side, your pictures are sensational and would win an award! Your quilt is gorgeous amidst the ice!

  3. We've had similar weather here near Atlanta including that ice storm. We were lucky and didn't lose power. Your photos of the ice-covered trees are gorgeous!
    Love your quilt too!

  4. Beautiful photos! I have never seen an ice storm, but it looks beautiful in your photographs. I have heard they are not so beautiful to drive or walk on.

  5. Absolutely beautiful ice photos! Thank you for sharing them. Your quilt is lovely. Congrats on finishing it.