Saturday, February 22, 2014

Doc Freshly Crinkled

This is my Doc Scnibbles quilt in all its crinkly goodness.
I finished the binding on it during the last ice storm we had.
And it finally had its turn through the laundry cycle.

I had it marked up with my blue marking pen and was contemplating the best way to get all the marks out.
I thought about spritzing it, but the marks sometimes come back after it dries.

I decided to go ahead and wash it in the washing machine and dry it.
The quilt was made from a Moda Charm pack.  I didn't prewash the charms and I didn't use a color catcher.  There was no bleeding of the reds.  Moda is some good stuff!

This is another finish of my Q1 Finish A-Long list.



  1. Really nice! I love the colours. Might want to try this one myself.

  2. Card trick is my most favourite block, so I love this quilt pattern. Your quilting looks great too. I love Moda fabrics so much. They are good quality and have so many great designs. Whenever I go online window shopping I always look for the Moda first!