Monday, February 10, 2014

Project Quilting Week 3 Entry - Sweet Treats

The them for week three of project quilting was "Sweet Treats".  Your quilting project could be anything as long as it was inspired by sweets.  I choose lollipops.  I call this one Lollipop Orchard.  It measures 30 x 20 inches.

 When I think of visually appealing candy I think of great big swirly lollipops.  When I was a kid I loved seeing them in the store and wished I had one in my hand.   So I knew I wanted to do something with lollipops for the challenge.  

I started out by finding the perfect swirl graphic and printed it on the back of some wonder under with my regular printer.  This made it easier to mark and cut out the different swirled fabrics.
I used my exacto knife to cut out the center of the smaller swirls since my scissors were too big.  The exacto knife had no problem going through the paper and the fabric.

Once I had the lollipop tops complete it seemed natural to put them into a landscape scene.   

I did raw edge applique for this one.
It seemed the easiest choice for the smaller swirls given the time limit.

I thought about adding pink fluffy clouds for cotton candy clouds, but they didn't look right, so I went for pink binding instead.

There were 42 different entries this week.
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  1. This is so beautiful. And I've voted for you, by now you're on top of the list. And you really deserve it! Good luck! I'm pleased to follow you by Bloglovin'.

  2. That is a really sweet quilt. I love the technique and will have to try it out. Simply lovely!