Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year again, the Night of the Nan Ya Halloween party.  It is usually held the Friday night before Halloween, so costumes have to be ready by then.  This year the kids helped out a lot with their costumes.

My youngest wanted to be Gandalf.  He has really been into the Hobbit lately and he was determined to be the wizard.  I found a hat pattern in the internet and used it as a base for his hat.  Then I did some quick throw over the shoulder and sew up some seams for his robe and cloak.
I found a cool tutorial for the staff.  Mine didn't turn out quite as spiffy as the one on the website, but turned out good enough for what we needed.  We bought the beard and wig online.

My next oldest couldn't decide what he wanted to be.  It was down to the last hour before the party so I suggested we at least paint his face, so we came up with this.

My next oldest is playing Frodo in a road show in November, so he decided to go ahead and be Frodo for the Halloween party.  His outfit was more "put together" than sewn.  We collected his items from the thrift store. $1 for pants. $1 for the shirt.   The vest came from the ladies side for $1.98. I hemmed up the pants and took in the waist a little. For the shirt I ripped the collar off and that was it. 
The only thing I sewed was the hood on the cloak.  The cloak is from fleece so I didn't even have to hem it.  I found a good pattern for the cloak on the internet.  The furry feet are trimmed flip flops with a dog wig cut up and glued on.  I think we need to find some brown colored hair spray to lighten them up for Halloween night and the road show.

My daughter's pirate costume was was thrift store finds too.
Shirt $3, Pants $3.  (It is interesting how the ladies items are triple the price of the men's items at the thrift store.)   The black striped pants fit her perfect and didn't even wrinkle.   I was little sad to cut them shorter. They would have made a nice addition to her regular wardrobe.  I was going to make her a red vest, but we found this one at Walmart.  $14 was worth a few hours of my time so we bought it.
Make up, jewelry, and boots we already had on hand.

I sure get a kick out of Frodo being way taller than Gandalf.

We took home two prizes at the Halloween party.  Yay!
They don't announce 1st, 2nd, or 3rd - they just pick top three.
Gandalf took home top three for his age group of 9-12

And Sarah got picked as top three in the Adult category.


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  1. I love the Halloween costumes - especially Gandalf - they will have fun